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MSP Marketing Strategies to Facilitate Client Interest 

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MSP Marketing Strategies to Facilitate Client Interest 

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Your MSP marketing team will have less difficulty converting prospects if prospects come to you from the start. Following are a few techniques to help you see this outcome: 


Always Mix It Up 

Your MSP marketing process can get stale if you’re always doing exactly the same thing. You need to mix things up. You can say the same thing in different ways. As new means of outreach develop, you would additionally benefit from their employment. Use smartphones, use content that’s text-based, pictorial, and visual. Work with SEO groups which have a specialty helping MSPs, and put the latest techniques into practice. Mix it up. 


Listen to Those Who Watch You 

Your audience always has an opinion. Now, granted, there is such a thing as a heckler in a crowd. Be conscientious in your evaluation of criticism from without, as some will definitely not be valid; but much will. You can’t screen it all. Just be careful to screen using common sense so that some underhanded ex-client with a vendetta or some sabotage-oriented competitor doesn’t get the better of you.  


Provide Precise and Human Explanation  

You need to tell clients exactly what you do, how you do it, why what you do is valuable, and how it will affect them. Use human terms, not tech terms. Tech terms are for engineers and tech insiders, not for your clientele. It’s beneficial in drawing clients in that you design value propositions which resonate with your target demographic. Every MSP has something at which they excel over competitors. Identify this quality throughout your company, and bring it to the table in your outreach materials. 


A More Well-Rounded Marketing Approach 

MSP marketing can be complex, but you can make it more effective. Be precise and human in your service explanations and value proposition. Listen to clientele so you can hear what they want and need, and respond appropriately. Lastly, make sure you always mix things up. People like seeing variety! 

Techniques to Help You Close More MSP Sales

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

MSP sales are going to be more successful if you plan them out beforehand— almost anything will be. Like so much in life, such forethought is easier to conceive than it is to enact. 

Following are a few tips to help you most successfully plan out interactions with prospects, ideally leading to an increase in your conversion metrics: 


Establish an Effective Value Proposition 

MSP sales techniques should be built around a value proposition which objectively provides the majority of prospects in your target market with tangible value. 

Now that value can be in terms of increased revenue over time, decreased processing hassle, or better public image— in short, it can be from a number of diverse angles. The key to a successful value proposition is one which emphasizes that which you can do better than the competition.  


Understand Who Makes the Calls from the Start 

With a clear value proposition, your next step is to avoid pitching unnecessarily. You want your proposition to go to the person who has the authority to induct your services. 

You don’t want to give a proposition to a secretary to abbreviate for her boss; her shorthand likely won’t communicate the value you intend. Know who makes the decisions and how, and angle your value proposition accordingly.  


Banish Desperation; Advise, Understand, and Challenge Prospects Instead 

Don’t be desperate. Desperation equates to inexperience in the eyes of many clients. You’re a trusted adviser— think of yourself this way. Your role is to challenge prospects and understand them from within and without well enough to know what will challenge them, and whether such challenges will yield value. 

MSP sales strategies that aren’t desperate, but advise, challenge, and understand clients, are apt to be more effective. Additionally, ensure you’ve got an airtight value proposition and that you present that proposition to the right person among your prospect’s ranks. 

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