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MSP Business Tactics to Help You Acquire Life-Long Clients

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MSP Business Tactics to Help You Acquire Life-Long Clients

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Your MSP business needs to do everything possible to ensure clientele stick with you. One long-term client over 20 years who routinely delivers you $5k a month delivers $1.2 million dollars to your MSP in that time. Twenty clients who only spend $5k for a month and don’t stick with you only deliver 1/12 of that revenue. It’s better to get long-term clients than a ubiquity of clients who don’t stick around. Following are three tactics to help ensure those who choose you want to stay with you perpetually: 



With prospective clients, it’s important to initially consult with them in order to determine their associated needs and properly meet them. Consultation additionally gives your MSP the chance to show its value. You’re looking at clients from without; they can only look at themselves from within. 

Additionally, you’ve got more experience dealing with similarly-situated clients. You know where trends will take your customers better than they do in many respects. You can help them avoid making common mistakes, giving you value and making them want to stay with you.  


Delivery of Best Solutions 

Once you’ve provided consultative services, you’re now ideally equipped to help clients see what the best choices will be regarding tech services. Show, rather than telling. Deliver solutions which outshine previous tech solutions or provide a very high benchmark that competitors won’t be able to live up to. 


The Importance of Managed Services 

Your MSP business needs to demonstrate how you save clients money. Ever been to a supermarket and had the checkout clerk circle your savings on the receipt? Well, you want to do something similar for your clients in terms of regular reporting. This communicates your importance in objective numbers, and again will likely induce clients to remain with you over the long haul. 


More Tenured Clientele 

Your MSP business should consult with clients, deliver the best solutions, and directly demonstrate their true importance. Figure out ways to do this and you’ll keep clients longer.  

Making a Quick, Effective IT Marketing Pitch

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Your IT marketing campaign must contend with prospects that are busy and value personal time highly. Technology has further fractured attention spans such that Time magazine felt like printing an article likening human attention spans to something below the ability of goldfish was accurate.

Well, brevity is the soul of wit, and you must respect that in outbound marketing. Following are ways to condense and render effective your pitches such that prospects are interested in hearing you out, and perhaps even converting:


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