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For MSP Sales to Be ‘Pitch Perfect’, You Need to Know When It’s Appropriate to Pitch

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For MSP Sales to Be ‘Pitch Perfect’, You Need to Know When It’s Appropriate to Pitch

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

MSP sales pitches should not be foisted on every potential customer who walks through your MSP’s doors. The sales pitch should be well considered and presented with information attuned to your target. 

Pitching to everybody is firing shotgun rounds in the dark. You might hit something, but you’ll probably just waste ammunition. Following, tips will be explored to help you determine the best time to pitch:  


Learn to Know Where Prospects Are First  

MSP sales aren’t precognitive. In order to know where clients are coming from, you must collect data on them. This takes time, you’ll need to ask questions. Sometimes prospects are more qualified, sometimes they’re less qualified–something you will find out by getting to know them. 


Lead Qualification Maximizes Outreach Effectiveness 

As you get to know prospects, certain features of their present circumstances will doubtless jump out at you. Some of these will be things that exclude you from being a viable option. Sometimes, lead qualification reveals an ideal prospect just waiting to be wooed by your technology. Establish lead qualification measures utilizing the best data you have available, as well as that provided through SEO agencies specializing in MSP outreach solutions. 


Sometimes Pain Points Develop Independent of Need 

A prospect can have tech pain points that don’t qualify them for your services. There are no monochrome lead features which automatically pre-qualify them for a legitimate pitch. Sometimes, prospects just need help with something and came to you incidentally. If you can help them at that point, they may come to you later for a sale. But if you pitch them, they’ll think you’re less human and only profit-oriented. Such qualities discourage conversion. 


Pitching at the Right Time 

An MSP sales strategy that prequalifies leads will take a conscientious approach. Such an approach is more likely to initiate conversion than unilaterally pitching to anyone that interfaces with your operation. 

MSP Marketing Strategies You Should Implement

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Your MSP marketing needs to eliminate unnecessary practices and encourage those which bear fruit. Following are several tips that can help you find direction and avoid unfruitful efforts: 


Figure Out Your Vertical 

MSP marketing needs to proceed from a vertical that matches your operation or you’re going to be spinning your wheels in vain. You want to find a vertical market which has multiple prospects near you. Those prospects should have tech needs requisite to your profit requirements for sustainability. Such prospects need to have resources to pay you for what you provide, and they need to have points of operation causing them difficulty which would be mended by your MSP.  


Make A List 

When you’ve got a solid vertical lined out, then it’s time to make a list of potential clients local to the area. For example, if you provide services to school districts, you may look at the varying educational institutions where you are. List these prospects out and go about contacting them using varying outreach strategies. Additionally, design content which has them in mind. 


Implement Properly-Aligned Marketing Strategies 

Marketing strategies should include white papers and the addressing of issues which represent pain points across your target vertical. You want to have blogs on your primary site, and you additionally want to disseminate those blogs through guest sites that either involve your vertical or have some affiliation with the tech world you’re a part of. There are a number of different ways to maximize your outreach in this way, SEO (search engine optimization) is integral here; working with agencies who specifically cater to MSPs can save you a lot of time and aggravation here.  

MSP marketing which implements strategies that facilitate properly-aligned marketing to a list of prospects in a well-researched vertical will likely increase your rates of conversion. This will take a little research and will benefit from the auspices of professional marketing agencies who specialize in providing solutions for technology companies such as MSPs. 

Strategies to Help Your MSP Business Navigate the Stages of Client Awareness

Saturday, October 6th, 2018

Your MSP business is likely going to have a much longer selling cycle than other businesses. There are a number of reasons for this; the chief among them is the associated expense which comes with technology as used in a business setting. Your best option is usually going to involve having your finger on the pulse of clients as they transition through varying stages of the selling cycle. This requires understanding those stages, which include: 


  • Low awareness or none at all
  • Awareness of pain points
  • Awareness of available solutions
  • Awareness of products to help
  • Fully aware of the best available solutions


Your MSP business needs to understand that initially, those in your target demographic are likely not going to be aware of what you do. You’ll need a wing of content to address this. From there, you need to focus on pain point awareness. Part of your introductory content strategy could revolve around this. 

Basically, you want to recognize where pain points are for clients, empathize with them, and help apprise them of solutions to those difficulties. Once your clients know what can fix their pain points, then they need to know which specific products are best. It’s at this point that you begin to specify your MSP’s value over competitors. 

Once you’ve done this correctly, your prospects become fully aware of which solutions will best fix their operational pain. If you’ve done the job right, then your provisions will ultimately end up being what prospects seek. Testimonials can be helpful here, as can cost-benefit analyses which incorporate real numbers from real clients with whom you’ve dealt and who reflect the majority of prospects you interface with. 

You MSP business must understand the sales cycle and where prospects are on it to see increased ROI from outreach. When you’re reflecting the actual needs of the marketplace in a targeted way, then you’re more likely to find willing readers already looking for something similar, and encourage them.  

IT Marketing Incorporating Emotional Strategy Maximizes Sales Interactions

Monday, August 20th, 2018

IT marketing needs to remember the human component which comprises sales. Too often sellers get in their own heads, falling into an “us vs. them” mentality which ultimately ends up estranging prospects. A better way to go about things is to remember just what drives buyers. Consider these common emotional features of a tech sale: 


Designing MSP Marketing Around Referrals to Answer Client Pain Points

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

MSP marketing concentrated around referrals will produce actionable content more amenable to prospective clients. Consumers today aren’t as apt to believe traditional modes of advertising owing to several factors, not least of which being how pernicious and ever-present more establish means of advertisement have become.


Referrals, by contrast, come from those who’ve used given services and honestly respond with their experiences. This is why Yelp.com has become so popular. For your MSP, what you want to do is show those instances where your tech solutions solved one of their problems.


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