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Are there MSP Marketing Lesson in Searching for Bobby Fischer?

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Are there MSP Marketing Lesson in Searching for Bobby Fischer?

Sunday, April 1st, 2018

MSP MarketingThe battle of the century wages in this film classic over a simple board game. Well it may not be so simple to everyone, but many don’t have the patience to learn the valuable skills chess fosters that are shown by chess prodigy Bobby Fischer in his hot streak. The real question is, however, what can I learn from Searching for Bobby Fisher that applies to the MSP marketing world? (more…)

MSP Marketing Lessons from Anakin Skywalker

Friday, March 30th, 2018

MSP Marketing“Fear is the path to the dark side.”

Anakin Skywalker could have become one of the most powerful Jedi ever if only he did not have a fearful heart of losing his loved ones. Many believed him to be the Chosen One who would bring balance to the Force. He had so much potential in him, but his worries and fears ultimately led him to become the greatly feared Darth Vader. But what does fear have to do anything about MSP marketing? Well, the path of your business success can be critically influenced by fear if you fail to overcome it.

Fear is a common emotion every human being feels no matter the age. However, it is in the way that we deal with it makes a total difference in the outcome of our lives and business. As a MSP company, you may be facing the fear of failure or the fear of losing what you have worked so hard for, but you must take courage and understand the effects of fear in your marketing strategies and the whole business operations. Here are some basic truths about fear that organizations and Anakin could learn from: (more…)

Common MSP Marketing Myths That Might be Holding You Back

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

MSP MarketingWhen it comes to MSP marketing, there are plenty of half-truths and a good number of bald-faced lies. Plenty of companies fall into the trap of believing in the legitimacy of mantras and strategies that are just falsehoods. One of the more popular misconceptions is that every business is a potential client. Considering each business as a legitimate prospect is a recipe for disaster. It does not make sense to invest time, money and effort trying to convert a considerable number of prospects when there only a handful solid leads. (more…)

Some MSPs Can’t See the Forest for the Trees with IT Lead Generation!

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

IT lead generationWhen it comes to IT lead generation, one of the greatest redeeming features surfeiting modern marketing is data. Because the generation of IT leads commonly revolves around online marketing, a very exact picture of marketing impact can be established. Additionally, that which induced impact can be identified, examined and cumulatively applied. Sometimes that which induces a positive response among clients and prospective clients is that which would not be immediately intuitive based on a position of directed strategy. (more…)

What Can Finn of Star Wars Teach About IT Marketing

Monday, March 26th, 2018

IT MarketingYour IT marketing team faces a daily battle against competitors, but many overlooks that the marketing department also experiences conflicts from other areas inside your company? FN-2187, trained since birth as a stormtrooper of the First Order and eventually became a renegade soldier after developing a conscience; causing him to disobey the order to kill the villagers on the planet of Jakku. He found his way out, was given the name Finn, and joined the Resistance with the scavenger Rey. By having a non-violent approach, he realized that his enemy was not even his enemy at all. And much like the life of Finn, MSPs can get caught up in the external and internal struggles.

Most MSPs think that sales and marketing are the enemies of their company. They tend to have a combative attitude when engaging in meetings about market strategies. This division within the company is not healthy for the business and therefore needs to be addressed immediately. Here are ways to improve the teamwork between the marketing and other departments in your MSP company. (more…)

Read All About It: MSP Marketing Keywords are Being Auctioned OFF!

Monday, March 26th, 2018

MSP Marketing

Many MSPs don’t understand how MSP marketing works. The core concept is finding high-ranking keywords to target. The stark reality is that, in most major vertical markets, there are just a handful of these high-value keywords.

Once one of your IT competitors ranks first on these keywords, it will effectively close the door on your ability to generate leads from the web. Learn how MSP SEO Factory is auctioning off these coveted spots forever!

Does Losing the Top Keyword Position Spell Doom?

A skeptical IT provider may say that even if MSP SEO Factory does successfully auction off the top MSP marketing keywords, there are still plenty of other keywords and lower positions available. Well, the truth is that going after the lower ranking keywords is like trying to eat the crumbs from the floor after someone has eaten an amazing five-star meal. Those crumb keywords won’t generate sales leads to help grow your MSP business.

Of course, there are still the lower positions on these high traffic keywords left for the IT companies that lost out on the auction. However, if you survey just about any internet search, they will tell you that they usually stop their search and click on the first organic listing. This means that easily ninety percent of clicks go to the brilliant MSP that win our auction and claim the top keyword position.

How Can MSP SEO Factory Make Such a Bold Claim?

I agree in saying that MSP SEO Factory is going to auction off all the top positions on all IT high traffic keywords is a bold claim, especially when we have no hidden control over these positions just like all the IT companies and internet vendors targeting these high traffic keywords. However, we know what’s weak internet marketing strategy is and our plan is designed to overwhelm all comers. We deliver one thing nobody wants to do and that Google loves: original, well-written content that is constantly updating.

In the internet marketing competition, many have admitted to us that they cannot figure out how to scale original content writing on a massive scale. In fact, many of these friendly competitors have tried to partner with us over the last year. Meanwhile, our enemies spread lies about our unique system when it’s built on what Google loves as it is well-written, knowable, entertaining original content! However, our unique system allows ups to churn out thousands of original articles just like a factory does.

In addition, we have already taken over the top keyword positions in many markets in the United States and are in the process of closing the door on all the high-ranking keywords in Southern California!


The Bottom Line

If your MSP marketing is thinking about generating close leads from the internet, you must understand that there just are few high-traffic keywords available in IT marketing. The top position on these IT related keyword searches is the only thing that matters, low traffic keywords don’t matter. MSP SEO Factory brings a unique and powerful internet marketing strategy that stupefies our competitors and has allowed us to overtake many top keyword positions throughout the United States. When we auction off the rest of these, the door will be closed. Don’t be caught in the slide line or get deceived by our enemies, and downplay or disregard our historic auction— coming soon!

MSP Marketing Strategies You Can Learn from Star War’s Poe Dameron

Monday, March 26th, 2018

MSP MarketingGrowing your business through MSP marketing efforts is essential to the overall business strategy. It is the key to making your IT business work and with well-placed marketing strategies, you will be surprised at how far they will take you in the industry. And when it comes to marketing strategies, we can learn a lot from X-wing pilot Poe Dameron of the Star Wars new trilogy. He may not be one of the propulsive characters of the saga’s plot, but he is one of the most important characters contributing to the films’ success. Here are four marketing lessons every MSP company needs to know: (more…)

Endpoint Backup from Autotask can Help MSPs Increase Sales!

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

Many MSPs simply don’t see the value of Autotask’s endpoint backup solution because they feel their main disaster recovery system is all they need. After all a product like Datto can do everything to save the data on IT companies client’s servers, so is there a place for Autotask’s endpoint backup?

If you can remember back to the days when you worked in an average business, before becoming an IT professional. Then you should remember that many end users are simply to lazy to back up their data to the server, no matter how many times they are told.

This means that even if the main data backup system saves all the data on the server there will still be some lost data. The point to keep in mind is that when most disaster recovery solutions are sold buyers usually ask about the data on the endpoints like desktops, laptops, phones and iPad. Most IT sales people simply gloss over the issue by saying that endpoint data doesn’t matter since everything is backed up on the server.

Except, everything is not backup on the server and endpoints do matter! This means that if you get on-board the endpoint backup train that you can have a new solution that will help distinguish your managed services offer from the herd and prevent it from becoming commoditized! Oh yeah, Datto merged with Autotask, so they must see the role for endpoint backup.

MSP Marketing Elves Can Get Your Website Top Ranked!

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

msp marketingSeveral aspects make up the foundations of MSP marketing. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to fully utilize it by dint of misunderstanding. They don’t realize what they’ve got on their hands, or how to put it to work for them. One or two content articles aren’t going to do the trick. Not in most cases. To help understand the reality, consider that old fairy tale about the cobbler and the elves. (more…)

Do You Have an IT Marketing Padawan Learner?

Monday, March 19th, 2018

IT MarketingTaking Someone Under Your Wing

When it comes to IT marketing, you may be well-suited to draw from an internal pool of trustworthy individuals for a salesperson. Granted, sourcing one externally who has credentials makes plenty of sense, but it could be costly. Meanwhile, if you’ve already got a sales department, you may scout a tech with “people skills” and start grooming them to sell. Such technical salespeople have an inbuilt advantage. They understand the value of what they’re selling intrinsically. Though they may need assistance “selling themselves,” they won’t need assistance selling the product and this will end up being quite useful. (more…)

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