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Tips to Help Your MSP Sales Set Conversion Value

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Tips to Help Your MSP Sales Set Conversion Value

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

MSP sales strategies need to take predictive tactics into advisement. Sometimes that which appears to be a big deal ends up being nothing, and that which seemed inconsequential snowballs into a client relationship that lasts for decades.

There are data indicators which help clear the “fog,” making clear which prospective clients to focus on. The value of conversion will give you the information you need to determine what sort of resources should be expended. Consider these tips in helping determine conversion value:


Know All Touchpoints Through Your Sales Cycle

MSP sales cycles are longer than many other businesses. The sales journey of clients can take months or years. You need to capture all data you can from all touchpoints in this sales “journey.”

When you get their initial information, when you touch base with them, when you sit down for pitch meetings; all touch points must be represented. There is an associated cost in touchpoints and collecting that data, and this will play into what a conversion is worth.


Put Data Together in a Way Providing an Ideal Client Journey

You want to use collected data to facilitate the easiest conversion for clients. Like a dance, the more you practice and enhance, the more optimal a client journey becomes, ultimately increasing your margin of conversions from a given lead pool.


Integrate and Analyze Data Pertaining to the Realization of Goals

Once you’ve acquired new clients and realized your goals, you need to tabulate what level of profit you attain from them over time. This information combined with your monitoring of their trek along the sales journey helps determine the true value of conversion.


Proceeding from Proper Understanding of Value

MSP sales conversion is fundamental and understanding its value through analyzation of data related to goals, facilitation of ideal client journeys, and maximization of touch point information helps provide you information to exactly determine conversion value.

MSP Sales Prospects Treated Like Humans Are More Likely to Respond

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

MSP sales teams need to understand where their target demographics are coming from. For the most part, it has little to do with technology. They’re not going to understand content that purely emphasizes the technological profoundness of your provisions. But how that relates to them, that’s something they can resonate with. 


Tips Toward Humanization of Outreach 

If you’re going to resonate with clients, you need to know what they’re looking for. You need to do research that produces metrics which demonstrate client focus. Consider these approaches: 


Foster a Connection 

Your MSP sales team needs to work on building a connection with clients. The more effective the connection, the greater the likelihood of conversion. Fostering a connection will have a lot to do with whether you have a unique value proposition. That proposition should solve a pain point your target market has.  


Hear What Prospects Are Saying 

Your clients have opinions. Some of them are totally uninformed. Some of them may alert you to trends you couldn’t notice otherwise. Listening to what your prospects say will help you understand where they’re coming from and how you can reach them on your level. 

This humanizes you quite a bit. Additionally, it shows that you’re engaged and active among the community you serve. This can make you more competitively viable than competitors who only focus on products or services they provide.  


Solve the Problems They Wrestle With 

Show how you’ve fixed the issues of existing clients. Show where they were and where they are. If you’ve got testimonials, post them. If you don’t, seek them. 

Incentives for existing clients can help them provide you with such testimonials. When you can show prospects you solve their problems through other companies who have seen such fixes, that’s compelling.  


Humanized Outreach Increases Conversions 

When your MSP sales team humanizes output through clear problem resolution, a listening ear, and the fostering of human connection, there’s a much higher likelihood of achieving market resonance.  

MSP Sales Tactics to Enhance Your Sales Team on Social Media Channels 

Friday, May 31st, 2019

MSP sales teams which don’t incorporate social media are leaving money on the table. Facebook has 2.23 billion users, and 2.5 billion regularly use some service related to Facebook. That’s about one out of four people across the globe, the preponderance of whom are younger and represent subsequent markets your MSP will be trying to reach.


Employing Social Media

Internally, you MSP needs to determine means of using existing social media presence to increase conversions and overall impact. Additionally, you should have social media outlets dedicated specifically to your MSP. Consider these tips:


Encourage an Active Social Media Presence

You must encourage MSP sales teams to be active on social media. Crunch the numbers. If everyone on your team has an average of only 400 contacts across their social media profiles, and you’ve got 10 people on your team, then that’s 4,000 contacts.

If you can engage 10% of those contacts, you’ve got 400 leads. If a tenth of those leads convert, you’ve just acquired 40 new clients. Obviously, these numbers are inflated, but you get the idea: there is value in a social media presence among personnel which engages potential clients.


Provide Regular Training Refreshment; Social Media Shifts Continuously

The rules of social media are fast and loose, as are the rules governing search engines. Working with SEO experts can help you maintain pace. Training employees accordingly from such advice can be key.


Conduct Meetings Pertaining to Social Media Sales at Regular Intervals

You should constantly apprise your personnel pertaining to the latest sales techniques. They’re going to shift as regards social media. Sometimes, games, groups, and pages can be engaging. Sometimes controversial posts increase activity and act as an excellent selling opportunity, though this is risky. You’ll have to determine which tactics best match your MSP.


Social Media Utility

MSP sales strategies which regularly apprise personnel of new trends pertaining to social media shifts, give them direction regarding developing sales tactics, and encourage social media activity will produce increased conversion.

Keeping Sales Personnel Informed Regarding MSP Sales Transitions

Friday, May 10th, 2019

MSP sales strategies must necessarily shift. Technology changes, markets come and go, mergers whom you focus on may differ year to year. Sellers need to know when you’re changing focus, why, how you plan to do it, and what this means to them over the course of regular operations. People don’t like change; keeping employees apprised of coming shifts is wise in helping diminish transition difficulties.


What to Do to Maintain Staff Awareness

There are many different things you’ll want to do to keep staff apprised of operational shifts. Several common “pillars” of proper communication include the following:


Facilitate Greatest Reasonable Transparency

MSP sales departments will have information that it isn’t appropriate for staff to have unless they’re at a certain level of the company. Detailed financial records can be a prime example of this.

However, where you can be transparent, you should be transparent. Let sellers know where you’re moving, why, and what you expect of them. When they understand where changes are coming from, the chore of shifting behavior is less difficult and you’ll likely get results quicker.


Keep Careful Metrics As Regards Outcomes

When you’re making a big shift, you must measure how effective the change is proceeding. This will help you determine where sellers have received the full import of your communication regarding the change, and where they need a little additional help. You can more effectively keep everyone on the same page with the right metrics.


Listen to Employee Feedback

Employees sometimes understand selling intricacies invisible to management. When they’ve got feedback on changes, listen. Listening doesn’t require agreeing with them, but it can make them more comfortable and help them get on board with you. It may even reveal a thing or two.


Alignment with Objectives

When MSP sales personnel are heard, they feel valued. When you measure change, you can keep everyone aligned. Being transparent enables both of these tactics. Together, these three “pillars” of sales changes should help with necessary transitions.

Acquiring More MSP Sales Meetings

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

MSP sales require some sort of negotiation. Even a “lap sale”, as the expression goes, where a client contacts your business intent on buying requires some negotiation. You’ve got to determine what packages fit the client best.

You want as many meetings with clients as possible, and you want a team prepared for them. Following are tips to help you both acquire more sales meetings and be more successful when conducting them:


Design a Prospect Database 

Your MSP sales team needs to maximize all available data. Get all existing clients, leads, and prospects (that is: better than normal leads) organized using an effective database. Customer resource management (CRM) software can be ideal here. Certain SEO agencies specializing in MSP provisions can help you find the best solution.


Don’t Neglect Cold Calling, But Do Some Real Research Beforehand

Cold calling does have a statistical level of effectiveness, believe it or not. Sure, it’s only 2%; but if you do your research and only call demographic matches who will justify the cost of so many calls, you’ll likely net an appropriate conversion.


Don’t Forget Statistics, Drop Facts, and Hit Them with Names

Sales is a numbers game. A 2% conversion rate may seem small unless the value of one conversion is 100 times the cost to acquire it; in which case 2% is fine. If you know the numbers to your particular MSP’s operational costs and client conversions, you can simultaneously avoid discouragement and increase outreach effectiveness.

Other good tactics include brandishing a bevy of pertinent facts and negotiation through reputation. You inform prospects of top-tier endorsements from known “names” or especially remarkable testimonials from satisfied customers.


Conversion and Negotiation

MSP sales informed by numbers, fact-rich, replete with effective name-dropping, properly utilizing cold-call technique, and tracking all outreach in a database will be better enabled for reliable conversion. Such tactics can also be helpful in facilitating sales negotiation.

MSP Sales Strategies When Dealing with Clients Who Don’t Convert

Saturday, January 12th, 2019

MSP sales are trickier than most because they involve increased cost. A high-priced automobile might be $40k. By contrast, $5k of MSP service per month comes to $60k in a year. In five years, that’s $300k. Even at an additional $10k a year in expenses, the high-priced vehicle is at just over a third of that. 

Businesses are, accordingly, going to be careful when acquiring tech solutions. Sometimes, they’ll do everything but convert with you, because the budget isn’t there yet. A failed conversion may not necessarily mean your time with a client has elapsed. Following are several ways to respond to sales meetings that don’t result in sales immediately: 


Look at Existing Strategies to “Smoke Out” Weak Links 

MSP sales efforts will sometimes fail. Look at the “chain” of your sales strategy to find where “weak links” are, and eliminate them. Sometimes you didn’t do your homework on the client enough, sometimes there was nothing you could have done. Retroactively examining outreach is essential to determine effectiveness. 


Establish Data Points Determining Better Opportunities 

Find what worked and what didn’t, and appropriately emphasize or discontinue strategy. Even a successful sale will yield an opportunity for improvement, but you’re more likely to find actionable data points from a failed effort. Think of it as a silver lining, and ensure you “cash in” on that silver by collecting and applying said data. 


Don’t Give Up Immediately–The MSP Sales Journey Is Long 

Sometimes a client is just feeling you out to make a future purpose. Keep following up with them for a few months (or even a year or two) after the fact. They may want your services but not be authorized or able to convert immediately. 


Learning from Failure 

You’ll likely learn less from successful conversion than failed attempts. Approach non-conversion as an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your MSP sales strategy. 

For MSP Sales to Be ‘Pitch Perfect’, You Need to Know When It’s Appropriate to Pitch

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

MSP sales pitches should not be foisted on every potential customer who walks through your MSP’s doors. The sales pitch should be well considered and presented with information attuned to your target. 

Pitching to everybody is firing shotgun rounds in the dark. You might hit something, but you’ll probably just waste ammunition. Following, tips will be explored to help you determine the best time to pitch:  


MSP Sales Strategies to Expand Growth Without Tiring Sellers

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

MSP sales strategies won’t be successful no matter how in-depth or well-informed if they overstress outreach teams. Like horses in battle or ships on the sea, there are times when they must rest. Horses need sleep and food, naval ships need time in-harbor for repair and fuel. Meanwhile, MSP professionals selling your IT services need to be managed such that they aren’t being stretched too thin. This will increase their effectiveness and your operational sustainability over time. Several strategies to help induce such outcomes include: 


Cut the Fat from Selling Protocols 

MSP sales should be informed by a strategic approach that excises anything unnecessary. If you’ve got some call flow with a bunch of counter-intuitive asks and promotions, get rid of it. Unless you’re some international conglomerate whose name is synonymous with IT service, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. 

You want the shortest distance between the client’s initial interest and their conversion. Figure out what is fundamentally necessary, and cut everything else out. You want metrics to make the proper choices here, working with SEO agencies which specialize in MSPs can give you a real edge through helping you identify and utilize relevant data. 


Messages Calibrated for Specific Targets 

The more specific your aim, the more precise your outreach ballistics will be. A shotgun fires a hundred BBs at a nearby target, but it’s bad for the livestock sprinting in the distance. Sometimes marketing tactics at a convention are different than those on the web. Use data to design any outreach, digital, physical, or through snail mail such that it is most likely to resonate with target clientele.  


Establishing Lead-Ranking Infrastructure 

Don’t send your sellers down blind alleys. Tier outreach protocols such that better leads get priority, and you’ll keep salespeople more energized as they acquire conversions. 


Stronger Sellers 

MSP sales techniques that trim the fat, calibrate outreach, and rank leads will give sellers a better chance at success. Consider existing protocols and optimize as it’s appropriate.  

Techniques to Help You Close More MSP Sales

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

MSP sales are going to be more successful if you plan them out beforehand— almost anything will be. Like so much in life, such forethought is easier to conceive than it is to enact. 

Following are a few tips to help you most successfully plan out interactions with prospects, ideally leading to an increase in your conversion metrics: 


Establish an Effective Value Proposition 

MSP sales techniques should be built around a value proposition which objectively provides the majority of prospects in your target market with tangible value. 

Now that value can be in terms of increased revenue over time, decreased processing hassle, or better public image— in short, it can be from a number of diverse angles. The key to a successful value proposition is one which emphasizes that which you can do better than the competition.  


Understand Who Makes the Calls from the Start 

With a clear value proposition, your next step is to avoid pitching unnecessarily. You want your proposition to go to the person who has the authority to induct your services. 

You don’t want to give a proposition to a secretary to abbreviate for her boss; her shorthand likely won’t communicate the value you intend. Know who makes the decisions and how, and angle your value proposition accordingly.  


Banish Desperation; Advise, Understand, and Challenge Prospects Instead 

Don’t be desperate. Desperation equates to inexperience in the eyes of many clients. You’re a trusted adviser— think of yourself this way. Your role is to challenge prospects and understand them from within and without well enough to know what will challenge them, and whether such challenges will yield value. 

MSP sales strategies that aren’t desperate, but advise, challenge, and understand clients, are apt to be more effective. Additionally, ensure you’ve got an airtight value proposition and that you present that proposition to the right person among your prospect’s ranks. 

MSP Sales Considerations Which May Hamper Growth

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

MSP sales have enough of an uphill battle without poor internal practices. Following are three things MSPs often do which reduce their effectiveness in terms of sales and how to avoid them:


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