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Ensuring Your MSP Business Retains Top Employees

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Ensuring Your MSP Business Retains Top Employees

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

Ironically, an MSP business has more important assets than the technology it manages. Because technology continuously transitions, its value drops off steeply and quickly. 

A vehicle built in 1999 may go for a tenth of its price today. A computer built in 1999 is essentially garbage— unless you’re making a period-piece film or something similar. But a manager, an engineer, a programmer, or a seller in your MSP could be with you from the time your doors open, until either your company dissolves or that individual dies. 

Accordingly, focus must be on professional, talented individuals in terms of hiring— these will be your most important assets in the long-run. Following are three techniques to help you retain the best employees: 


Make Leadership Personal 

An MSP business is historically unlikely to have sociability define its team members. Still, this is important, and as a leader, you’ve got an opportunity. Be personal with employees. Build a relationship. They should be friends, colleagues, coworkers, and team members— not just statistics, staff, or employees. Get the right attitude, and it will be reciprocated, facilitating reduced turnover. 


Facilitate Choice-Driven Career Paths 

People want to choose, and they need to have something worth choosing. You want employees to stay, give them a reason through a career path to increasing monetary excellence which features multiple choices as viable. 


Ensure All Communications are Clear 

One of the biggest issues you will have with employees is communication. Team member “A” thinks that manager “B” meant solution “C”, when he really just wanted to “see” something work differently. 

Communication must be clear, and you want team members to repeat things back to you on occasion. Be open and transparent, and ensure employees feel comfortable asking for clarification should that be necessary. 

There are many more things your MSP business can do to protect its most valuable assets in terms of manpower. Personal, choice-driven, communicative leadership will facilitate desirable working conditions, which are conducive to longevity in employees.

Ensure Your MSP Business Avoids Credibility-Damaging Habits

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Your MSP business has been made by humans for humans. As such, you’re going to make mistakes. There’s just no way around it, but there is a way to reduce the mistakes you make through careful strategy in terms of outreach. Following are several common mistakes you can avoid in your branding: 


  • Facilitate testimonials, and speak realistically
  • Don’t be vague or neglect claiming your business on Google
  • Be human, don’t neglect antiquated communication techniques


Facilitate Testimonials, and Speak Realistically 

Your MSP business should naturally acquire positive testimonials over time. You want to milk those for everything they’re worth–put them on your website, your blogs, various landing pages, and wherever else makes sense. Additionally, look at the language used in the testimonials. 

It’s okay to use big words if you know how to use them, and you’re using them because you need to convey something specific. But if you’re using rare vocabulary to sound smart, you’re just going to come off as disingenuous. People will think you’re trying to look better than you are.  


Don’t Be Vague or Neglect Claiming Your Business on Google 

Phrases like ”best in the region” or “high-quality service” are pretty vague. What is the region? What is “high” in terms of tech quality? These things look like they’ve been put together to appear remarkable, though they’re actually not. Don’t be vague. 

Also, don’t forget to claim your business on Google. Especially in IT, if you miss this step, it’s likely some other group with almost the same name will supersede you.  


Be Human, Don’t Neglect Antiquated Communication Techniques 

It’s okay to use colloquialisms where appropriate–this humanizes your brand. Additionally, ensure phone and snail mail marketing is up-to-par. People will call you on the phone; if they aren’t treated well, they’ll likely go with another business. Likewise, snail mail marketing that is fit to individual clients will likely prove effective. 


More Effective Branding 

You will acquire more clients if your MSP business has well-rounded communication protocols, isn’t vague, claims itself on Google, uses realistic words and displays testimonials. Consider whether it’s time to change your marketing strategy. 

Effective Workplace Engagement Throughout Your MSP Business

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Your MSP business must deal with people. They’re not statistical assets, treating them that way is inviting error. But you do want to collect data. Following is a threefold strategy to help you combine data and humanity into better management: 


  • Collect data, but collect the right data
  • Listen, don’t pacify
  • Help employees listen to one another


Collect Data, But Collect the Right Data 

An MSP business can send varying surveys to get information about internal operations, thus helping them foster employee engagement. But you’ve got to send out the right surveys and get the right information. Ask around to see what issues are impacting staff and ensure you don’t miss addressing them.  


Listen, Don’t Pacify 

Pool tables, vending machines, free coffee–excellent perks, and they may pacify some irritated workers who don’t seem to know what they want. But pacification only passes the buck, it doesn’t solve the issue. 

An employee, for example, grumbling over a lack of free things in the break room may actually be over-worked and unable to admit it to themselves. If you really listen, you can see what the employee thinks and even determine driving factors impacting behavior. You can defer to surveys to get data which either supports or disproves your hypotheses in this regard.  


Help Employees Listen to One Another 

Give employees opportunities to work together. Ideally, this is done under the penumbra of normal operations. But sometimes, it’s useful to get team members who work in different areas to interact. Corporate functions, downtime that doesn’t result from technological complication, and planned events can all be essential in facilitating this. 

Additionally, you can make incentives for the solution of certain internal problems. Find ways to get people talking, and they’ll have to listen to one another.  


A Three-Stranded Cord  

Your MSP business will be more secure with a threefold cord of employee management strategy including collection of the right data, true listening, and encouraging communication among employees.  

Strategies to Help Your MSP Business Navigate the Stages of Client Awareness

Saturday, October 6th, 2018

Your MSP business is likely going to have a much longer selling cycle than other businesses. There are a number of reasons for this; the chief among them is the associated expense which comes with technology as used in a business setting. Your best option is usually going to involve having your finger on the pulse of clients as they transition through varying stages of the selling cycle. This requires understanding those stages, which include: 


  • Low awareness or none at all
  • Awareness of pain points
  • Awareness of available solutions
  • Awareness of products to help
  • Fully aware of the best available solutions


Your MSP business needs to understand that initially, those in your target demographic are likely not going to be aware of what you do. You’ll need a wing of content to address this. From there, you need to focus on pain point awareness. Part of your introductory content strategy could revolve around this. 

Basically, you want to recognize where pain points are for clients, empathize with them, and help apprise them of solutions to those difficulties. Once your clients know what can fix their pain points, then they need to know which specific products are best. It’s at this point that you begin to specify your MSP’s value over competitors. 

Once you’ve done this correctly, your prospects become fully aware of which solutions will best fix their operational pain. If you’ve done the job right, then your provisions will ultimately end up being what prospects seek. Testimonials can be helpful here, as can cost-benefit analyses which incorporate real numbers from real clients with whom you’ve dealt and who reflect the majority of prospects you interface with. 

You MSP business must understand the sales cycle and where prospects are on it to see increased ROI from outreach. When you’re reflecting the actual needs of the marketplace in a targeted way, then you’re more likely to find willing readers already looking for something similar, and encourage them.  

Effective Strategies to Get People to Pay Attention During Your MSP Business Meetings

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

Your MSP business is going to require continuous transitions, as technology is always in flux, and many factors like competition will change future procedures. Here’s a problem, though: meetings are boring, no matter how integral they are. People have personal lives, and their minds are apt to space out; that’s just how it is. How do you overcome this? Well, not by ignoring the problem, that’s for sure. You can’t force people to pay attention, but you can make it difficult for them not to. Here are some ways to do that: 



Your MSP business likely understands the basic laws of physics: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Many relationships of this physical nature define electronic functionality of computational equipment. Similarly, in terms of “metaphysical” or “human” energy, you’ll find that you have some control here. If you bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to a meeting, that will be translated to people you’re interacting with. You want real energy that’s positive, and properly-placed enthusiasm. Synthetic enthusiasm will also have an energy impact, but of a negative variety. Nobody likes “kitschy” or “fake” personality. 


The Value of Humor 

Laughter is the best medicine, and it’s a great way to get your employees to tune in. When you’re cracking jokes, those in the meeting will naturally want to pay attention so they don’t miss something funny. Humor can be risky, though, as it is always on the edge of offense. So be careful, here. There’s a balance. 


Simplicity and Relevant Involvement 

Don’t have those in a meeting that have no reason to be there, and don’t make meetings overly complex. Even the most enthusiastic, humorous meeting will lose people if you try to cover too much. Line out objectives and stick to them. 


Hitting All the Right Marks 

Your MSP business must have meetings. Make the most of them. Through enthusiasm, humor, simplicity, and relevant attendees, you’re primed to maximize the impact of meetings. 

Using Employee Referral to Ensure Your MSP Business Gets the Best Employees

Monday, October 1st, 2018

An MSP business that works with employees to acquire candidates will experience a number of advantages which make the employee acquisition process less complicated and more effective. Several of those advantages include:


Financial Incentive Considerations Your MSP Business Should Take Into Account

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

Your MSP business would do well to remember that money isn’t the answer to everything. Employees will certainly respond to financial incentives, but you can’t just throw money at a problem and hope it will go away. This is especially true if you’re giving your tech workers tasks that are essentially Sisyphean.

Sisyphus was forced to do a task with all his strength which had no end. This was his punishment in Greek mythology. In terms of technology, since innovations come which double computational ability at intervals of about 18 months, there are many engineering tasks that are exactly like this. The only real difference is that physical exuberance isn’t necessary, but mental strength is.

Now think about this critically: if you’ve got a guy rolling a boulder up a hill in some Greek purgatory, is money going to make him perform better? Likewise, if you’ve got tech engineers pushing a coding boulder up an endlessly developing hill, what good will money be as a means of honing their minds and initiating increased productivity? Well, as a motivator, it can do some good, but there’s a ceiling facilitated through the pragmatic reality of the situation. Consider these points:


Solutions to Ponder

When your MSP business has necessary ongoing tasks which will never be fully completed, you’ve got to cycle people through them. Award excellence with promotion, additional duties, reduction of certain duties, new schedules, or whatever makes the most sense. You need to keep them understanding they’re working toward an endgame and that their current tasks aren’t the be-all and end-all of their IT career. Incentives transcending financial motivation can really be helpful in accomplishing this.


A New Direction

Consider where your MSP business is presently and where you’re looking to be. Strategically enable employees for greatest performance through incentive that is valuable to them in terms of more than simply financial provision.

Ensuring Your MSP Business Gives Customers a Good Experience

Monday, September 24th, 2018

Your MSP business is like a boat or an aircraft: you’re going to more effectively pierce the “waters” or “atmosphere” of your target consumer demographic should you be continuously reducing communicative “drag” on outreach methods. Your MSP has “drag” that can be eliminated in terms of profitable egress, and much of it comes from poor customer experience. Following are tips to help you ensure your customers have a good experience with your MSP:


MSP Business Entrepreneurship Realities to Consider

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Your MSP business needs to design operational paradigms which define it going forward and which are likewise sustainable. You’ve got an uphill climb ahead. If you approach that climb with hiking boots and a walking stick, you’ll be more likely to reach the summit. If you’re scrambling up the mountainside with bare hands, true, you may find the peak; but you’ll be much more bedraggled when you do, and will you truly enjoy or be able to appreciate the view? Following are tools to help you in your entrepreneurial climb:


Optimizing Leadership of Your MSP Business for Greatest Effectiveness

Monday, September 17th, 2018

Your MSP business can manage assets or lead individuals. How you think of your position at the head of your company will trickle down. (more…)

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