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MSP Sales Tactics to Enhance Your Sales Team on Social Media Channels 

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MSP Sales Tactics to Enhance Your Sales Team on Social Media Channels 

Friday, May 31st, 2019

MSP sales teams which don’t incorporate social media are leaving money on the table. Facebook has 2.23 billion users, and 2.5 billion regularly use some service related to Facebook. That’s about one out of four people across the globe, the preponderance of whom are younger and represent subsequent markets your MSP will be trying to reach.


Employing Social Media

Internally, you MSP needs to determine means of using existing social media presence to increase conversions and overall impact. Additionally, you should have social media outlets dedicated specifically to your MSP. Consider these tips:


Encourage an Active Social Media Presence

You must encourage MSP sales teams to be active on social media. Crunch the numbers. If everyone on your team has an average of only 400 contacts across their social media profiles, and you’ve got 10 people on your team, then that’s 4,000 contacts.

If you can engage 10% of those contacts, you’ve got 400 leads. If a tenth of those leads convert, you’ve just acquired 40 new clients. Obviously, these numbers are inflated, but you get the idea: there is value in a social media presence among personnel which engages potential clients.


Provide Regular Training Refreshment; Social Media Shifts Continuously

The rules of social media are fast and loose, as are the rules governing search engines. Working with SEO experts can help you maintain pace. Training employees accordingly from such advice can be key.


Conduct Meetings Pertaining to Social Media Sales at Regular Intervals

You should constantly apprise your personnel pertaining to the latest sales techniques. They’re going to shift as regards social media. Sometimes, games, groups, and pages can be engaging. Sometimes controversial posts increase activity and act as an excellent selling opportunity, though this is risky. You’ll have to determine which tactics best match your MSP.


Social Media Utility

MSP sales strategies which regularly apprise personnel of new trends pertaining to social media shifts, give them direction regarding developing sales tactics, and encourage social media activity will produce increased conversion.

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