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IT Marketing Tips: Telling Stories with Data

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IT Marketing Tips: Telling Stories with Data

Friday, May 31st, 2019

You might look at IT marketing kind of like a story problem from a math class that readers are given the answer to. If customer X has Y bandwidth requirements and Z budget, how can he make a profit? You then fill in the variables with actual data from the service provisions of your MSP.



In doing so, you’ve provided the reader with something they can actually latch onto as they go about deciding what IT to go with. They can plug in their own numbers and work the math similarly, ultimately seeing directly how you provide them value. Consider the following benefits of a data-driven content marketing strategy:


Data-Driven Content Lends More Weight to the Information

An IT marketing strategy which incorporates data-driven content essentially puts your “money” where your “mouth” is. When you can use case studies from existing clients, accurate projections, and cost-benefit analyses to demonstrate the effectiveness of your services, even if clients don’t exactly understand the “how”, they will get the “why”.


Visualization of Metrics Dramatically Communicates Value

What’s more effective: a paragraph describing information or a graph demonstrating it? Generally, a graph. Now content design including data can be an effective visual representation, but if you can get that data in an easy-to-read graph, you’ll double down on effectively communicating your value.


Effective Utility of True Information Positions You as an Authority

Data has to be true to be effective. If it’s not, you’ll rope in a few prospects, but they’ll be miffed and exit with maximum prejudice when they find you to be in error. But if you’re always producing effective content with true data, you will increasingly become an authority.


Data Increases Legitimacy

An IT marketing campaign which helps clients visualize value through accurate data presentation in graphic form defining content should see increased prospect engagement. Ultimately, this should expand conversion rates.

IT Marketing Tips to Help Establish the Identity of Your Brand

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

In your IT marketing, you need to design content which is optimized in terms of readability and visibility on search engines. But something else all content must do is properly reflect who your company is as a brand. 

Brand identity is integral, and content is a great way to build it. Following are three questions whose answers will help you more effectively establish brand identity: 


1. Where Are You Going; What’s Your Vision? 

Are you going to be a new tech conglomerate making brilliant innovations core to forward progress? Will you fulfill a niche in your local market that will always need competent tech professionals? Do you work as a sort of cyber-sleuth, tracking down cybercriminal startups? 

Determine where you are, where you want to be, means of getting there, and how to incorporate this vision into your content. Ideally, your vision should be aligned with aspects of your target demographic. 


2. How Do You Present Yourself Professionally; What’s Your voice? 

Every MSP has a “voice”. If you don’t define what it is, then your “voice” will be metaphorically “uncertain”. In sales, a strong, assured, jovial, sociable voice is ideal and necessary. Your content must impart that one way or another. 

You can do it through informal prose or that which incorporates trendy jokes, memes, and parlance. What is professional for one MSP may not be professional for another, owing to voice. Your voice must also naturally be operating in alignment with your vision. 


3. What Sort of Values Predominate at Your MSP? 

Your IT marketing voice will also be defined by what values you’ve decided are important to your MSP. Different specializations naturally lead to different values among diverse MSPs.  


Solid Identity 

An IT marketing campaign informed by solid values, a matching voice, and a vision in agreement with most clients will expand the solidity of your brand’s identity. Continually producing content of this variety is recommendable to maintain your brand. 

IT Marketing Tips to Help You Avoid Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Thursday, December 20th, 2018

Managing IT marketing with an SEO provider which specializes in MSPs can help you avoid common content marketing mistakes in outreach. Following are three tips that will help you overcome content marketing errors:


IT Marketing Tips to Maximize Mobile Outreach

Friday, October 5th, 2018

Your IT marketing campaign requires careful strategy to maximize positive impact. Firstly, the marketplace is always in flux. Secondly, mobile internet usage has overtaken traditional desktop interface in terms of web surfing. Your marketing outreach needs to strategically consider this reality. Several means of maximizing mobile impact include:


• Knowing who your audience is
• Ensuring produced content is legitimately readable
• Negative space properly managed is positive
• Ensuring that sharing isn’t something difficult for your audience


Knowing Who Your Audience Is 

Provide your IT marketing content to those who are most likely to actually consider them. It’s no good marketing products or services to a demographic which doesn’t match. You need to determine your audience and structure content accordingly. Mobile audiences differ from desktop audiences in terms of tech interface, so much of the strategy here involves formatting content for mobile use.


Ensuring Produced Content Is Legitimately Readable

Your content needs to be in text large enough for the eye to comfortably read, broken up with pictures, and straightforward in terms of navigation.


Negative Space When Properly Managed Is Positive

Negative space is the empty white area between paragraphs. The less of this there is, the more daunting a document can be. No one wants to read a wall of text. Negative space is especially necessary in mobile content.


Ensuring That Sharing Isn’t Something Difficult for Your Audience

Put all sharing links to varying social media sites right on the page of your content. You want to make it as easy as possible for those who interact with what you produce to share if they want to. Encourage them subtly through buttons and graphics initiating the share (“Share now!” or “share with your friends!” can be good hyperlinks).


Making Mobile Content Work for You

An online IT marketing campaign built for a specific audience, with readable content, negative space management, and facilitated sharing, will likely have a more positive impact. Working with SEO agencies specializing in MSPs can help you more effectively optimize mobile content for maximized effectiveness.

IT Marketing Tips to Help You Establish a Firm Foundation

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

In your IT marketing, you must avoid the sand of poor planning for the bedrock of secure strategy. If you’re going to have a sustainable, profitable, continually growing business, it’s going to take a little work. Following are a few tips to help ensure the basis of operations has requisite strength for future security: 


Competition Mindfulness 

You must keep the competition in mind. You’re going to have prime competitors, and you’re going to have those that only compete with you in one or another service provisions. You need to know who your competitors are, you need to know if they’re actually doing a better job providing services than you are, and you need to know how you can counteract them. This requires a level of forward cognizance and conscientiousness in terms of market observation. 


Making Relationships 

You need to make relationships with employees, with vendors, with clients, and even with your competition. Quid pro quo basically means ”something for something”. Basically, it’s a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” mentality. Foster such relationships with vendors and competitors, and you can support one another incidentally. If a client has needs you can’t meet, send them to a competitor, and when they encounter a similar issue, they’ll send such clients to you.  


Acquire Contributors 

Don’t only trust in your internal team to facilitate effective IT marketing. Additionally, you want to get contributors who know what they’re doing and are willing to work for you in a piecemeal capacity. Read through articles you like online and contact their authors. Find blogs and other marketing materials that resonate, and see if any freelance work can be commissioned.  


More Robust, Reliable Operations 

You need to design a streamlined IT marketing program which includes acquisition of outside contributors, strong business relationships, and mindfulness of the existing competition. When you’ve done that, you’ll be set up to handle the peaks and valleys of fluctuating business over time.

IT Marketing Tips to Help Maximize Content

Friday, August 31st, 2018

Your IT marketing strategy must maximize content impact. There are many ways to do this, but you may be surprised that a number of these strategies simply involve optimizing what you already have to the max. Consider these tips:  


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