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Ensure Your MSP Business Avoids Credibility-Damaging Habits

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Ensure Your MSP Business Avoids Credibility-Damaging Habits

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Your MSP business has been made by humans for humans. As such, you’re going to make mistakes. There’s just no way around it, but there is a way to reduce the mistakes you make through careful strategy in terms of outreach. Following are several common mistakes you can avoid in your branding: 


  • Facilitate testimonials, and speak realistically
  • Don’t be vague or neglect claiming your business on Google
  • Be human, don’t neglect antiquated communication techniques


Facilitate Testimonials, and Speak Realistically 

Your MSP business should naturally acquire positive testimonials over time. You want to milk those for everything they’re worth–put them on your website, your blogs, various landing pages, and wherever else makes sense. Additionally, look at the language used in the testimonials. 

It’s okay to use big words if you know how to use them, and you’re using them because you need to convey something specific. But if you’re using rare vocabulary to sound smart, you’re just going to come off as disingenuous. People will think you’re trying to look better than you are.  


Don’t Be Vague or Neglect Claiming Your Business on Google 

Phrases like ”best in the region” or “high-quality service” are pretty vague. What is the region? What is “high” in terms of tech quality? These things look like they’ve been put together to appear remarkable, though they’re actually not. Don’t be vague. 

Also, don’t forget to claim your business on Google. Especially in IT, if you miss this step, it’s likely some other group with almost the same name will supersede you.  


Be Human, Don’t Neglect Antiquated Communication Techniques 

It’s okay to use colloquialisms where appropriate–this humanizes your brand. Additionally, ensure phone and snail mail marketing is up-to-par. People will call you on the phone; if they aren’t treated well, they’ll likely go with another business. Likewise, snail mail marketing that is fit to individual clients will likely prove effective. 


More Effective Branding 

You will acquire more clients if your MSP business has well-rounded communication protocols, isn’t vague, claims itself on Google, uses realistic words and displays testimonials. Consider whether it’s time to change your marketing strategy. 

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