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Managed Services Marketing: Utilizing Email Marketing Conventions

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Managed Services Marketing: Utilizing Email Marketing Conventions

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

For your managed services marketing, you must necessarily use any tools available to help facilitate sustainable outreach. Email marketing has become an especially popular tool owing to effectiveness, simplicity, and the ability to outsource using professional agencies as it suits your purposes. Following are several additionally considerable advantages of successfully-orchestrated email marketing campaigns: 


Sunday IT Marketing Strategies

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

MSP BusinessIT marketing oftentimes employs outbound email marketing to reach prospects. There are statistical models stipulating the most effective time to send such emails is between Tuesdays and Thursdays from the start of a workday to about 11 PM. A lot of automated emails are sent on a schedule, making it less complicated to reach large quotients of clientele effectively. Time and money are conserved.

Here’s the thing: such outbound marketing strategies have come to define the market, but it turns out there are other times you can send these materials effectively. One of the most effective times is actually over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday.


3 Common IT Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Friday, June 8th, 2018

You need to have an effective IT marketing strategy if you wish to sustain long-term success in the competitive IT industry. However, many IT providers make simple advertising mistakes that can limit earning potential. Here are the three most common digital marketing errors and the best ways to avoid them:

1. Not Using Social Media

Does your IT company have a social media presence? Social media provides an excellent opportunity for your IT business to reach out to new customers and build upon existing relationships. However, many IT providers are not on social media platforms, which significantly limits the effectiveness of a digital marketing strategy. A social media presence will not only build your brand but is a free form of advertising that can help you reach a broad audience. (more…)

You Should Tell Your IT Services Prospects the Marketing Message 9 Times!

Friday, January 6th, 2017


It is often said that customers need to see a marketing message upwards of nine times in order to give it serious consideration. Modern day people tend to tune out advertisements. We are bombarded by commercials, banner ads, corporate jingles, salesmen and other forms of marketing. Most people tune out these stimuli unless they are exposed to a particular message over and over again. This is the “tipping point” your company must strive for. IT services marketing can help you reach it.

Creative Approaches to Customer Engagement  

There is a widely held misconception that touching base with end users three times will suffice. In reality, target customers should be engaged at least nine times. It is not enough to contact a prospect through the same marketing channel over and over again. Rather, contacting targets through varied marketing channels will create a meaningful impact.


Sometimes You Have to Break Some Eggs with MSP Marketing to Make Omelettes!

Monday, May 30th, 2016

Broken eggA common concern faced by those doing MSP marketing is that if they are too “aggressive” with their email marketing, they’ll scare away their potential prospects. There is some truth to this concern, but look at it this way: when making omelettes, you can’t fret over every egg.

How Collecting Email Addresses Helps An MSP

Basically, collecting email addresses, alongside other information on clients and consumers, gives marketers and MSPs audiences to advertise to. A great way to acquire these email addresses is through free newsletters or other services, or by providing coupons and discounts to customers who also provide an email address. In the age of the modern web, the email inbox is a hub from which the rest of the Internet (social media outlets, newsletters, forums, etc.), combines into a single place that users can browse at their leisure. (more…)

Successful IT Marketing Is Being a Thought Leader

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

29819366_sMany IT providers or managed services providers (MSPs) have been lured into thinking that the purpose of article writing is supposed to make their website merely look good, like window dressing. Some have figured out that posting blogs on social media and distributing a newsletter can increase sales leads. Few understand, however, how all of these IT marketing components work together to achieve one ultimate goal: to become an IT thought leader in your local community. (more…)

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