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Keeping Sales Personnel Informed Regarding MSP Sales Transitions

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Keeping Sales Personnel Informed Regarding MSP Sales Transitions

Friday, May 10th, 2019

MSP sales strategies must necessarily shift. Technology changes, markets come and go, mergers whom you focus on may differ year to year. Sellers need to know when you’re changing focus, why, how you plan to do it, and what this means to them over the course of regular operations. People don’t like change; keeping employees apprised of coming shifts is wise in helping diminish transition difficulties.


What to Do to Maintain Staff Awareness

There are many different things you’ll want to do to keep staff apprised of operational shifts. Several common “pillars” of proper communication include the following:


Facilitate Greatest Reasonable Transparency

MSP sales departments will have information that it isn’t appropriate for staff to have unless they’re at a certain level of the company. Detailed financial records can be a prime example of this.

However, where you can be transparent, you should be transparent. Let sellers know where you’re moving, why, and what you expect of them. When they understand where changes are coming from, the chore of shifting behavior is less difficult and you’ll likely get results quicker.


Keep Careful Metrics As Regards Outcomes

When you’re making a big shift, you must measure how effective the change is proceeding. This will help you determine where sellers have received the full import of your communication regarding the change, and where they need a little additional help. You can more effectively keep everyone on the same page with the right metrics.


Listen to Employee Feedback

Employees sometimes understand selling intricacies invisible to management. When they’ve got feedback on changes, listen. Listening doesn’t require agreeing with them, but it can make them more comfortable and help them get on board with you. It may even reveal a thing or two.


Alignment with Objectives

When MSP sales personnel are heard, they feel valued. When you measure change, you can keep everyone aligned. Being transparent enables both of these tactics. Together, these three “pillars” of sales changes should help with necessary transitions.

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