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Ensuring Your MSP Company Avoids Common Mistakes in the Hiring Process

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Ensuring Your MSP Company Avoids Common Mistakes in the Hiring Process

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

There are many ways for your MSP company to grow. There are also many ways to hamper natural growth through poor management of one variety or another. This is especially true in the hiring process. A lot of bad hiring can be overcome through a little strategy applied before the interview. Consider these suggestions for your next interview:


  • Define roles clearly
  • Plan out interviews
  • Ensure red flags aren’t ignored


Define Roles Clearly

Your MSP company needs to first define roles as clearly as it can in adverts and outreach toward new employees. Secondly, you need to ensure these roles are further defined throughout the interview process. If you don’t do this, some new hires may express themselves as excellent for your business, only to be useless once they begin due to misunderstanding.


Plan Out Interviews

Know what questions you should ask. Avoid binary questions that evoke yes/no responses. Strategy is important here. You really need to plan this out. Maximize the time you have with each prospect. Ask direct questions which require a full response. Probe. Have segments to your interview process. In the beginning, you may have subtle inquiries pertaining to introductions. You may also have questions about integrity which deal with life experience, and those might be the ones you ask after you grill the applicant pertaining to operational acumen. Plan in advance.


Ensure Red Flags Aren’t Ignored

You may want to have a list of red flags if there are many exigencies of this kind which your business contends with. For example, if your entire programming staff uses spaces rather than tabs, that’s significant. An employee could change their ways, but then again, this could end up clogging the works. This is a hypothetical, but you get the idea. Watch for red flags and ensure you do not ignore them.



Better Interviews, Better Employees

An MSP company that is careful to strategically develop interviews and carefully manage the interview process is going to acquire more employees who are a better fit.

3 Common IT Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Friday, June 8th, 2018

You need to have an effective IT marketing strategy if you wish to sustain long-term success in the competitive IT industry. However, many IT providers make simple advertising mistakes that can limit earning potential. Here are the three most common digital marketing errors and the best ways to avoid them:

1. Not Using Social Media

Does your IT company have a social media presence? Social media provides an excellent opportunity for your IT business to reach out to new customers and build upon existing relationships. However, many IT providers are not on social media platforms, which significantly limits the effectiveness of a digital marketing strategy. A social media presence will not only build your brand but is a free form of advertising that can help you reach a broad audience. (more…)

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