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Do You Falsely Believe You’re Top Ranked on IT Marketing Keywords?

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Do You Falsely Believe You’re Top Ranked on IT Marketing Keywords?

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Leads and Ranking

IT marketingis an integral component in achieving top-ranked status. There are many organizations that work as MSPs that believe they have achieved top-ranking status. Here’s the thing: being top-ranked is only really determinable if you’re receiving requisite leads. There’s a lot more to being “top-ranked” than most people realize. If you believe you’re top-ranked and you’re not getting the kind of leads that silhouette this reality, it may just be that a very specific search reveals your information.


You Can’t Write IT Services Thought Leadership Marketing Content Unless You’re a Thought Leader!

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Borrowed Personalities

IT services marketingthat’s successful will have a component of originality to it that actually draws people in. This is something much easier said than done. You’ve heard the term “thought leader,” right? How about “trendsetter?” They’re not the same thing, but there are many similarities. A thought leader comes up with original ideas that pertain to their particular field of study, while a trendsetter may set trends anywhere. Both represent a statistical minority of the population.


Take the Blue ‘Marketing for IT’ Pill and Wake up From Syndication Slavery!

Friday, January 20th, 2017

There are only a few paths that you can take as a business owner when it comes to marketing for IT.  You can either take the pill that keeps you in the land of syndication, or you can take the pill that opens you up to content that can blow the roof off of what you thought was possible for your company.

The best marketing professionals in the information technology space know and understand how important original content truly is.  The fact is that when you have original content pushing your products and services, you’re going to end up with more eyeballs on your website.  It’s all about doing with your content exactly what you try to do with your product or service— and that adds value to the customer.


We Are the Robin Hood in the IT Lead Generation Business!

Monday, January 16th, 2017

One of the recurring economic themes we keep hearing about is “wealth distribution,” which goes along with IT lead generation. The idea of taking from the rich and giving to the poor, like Robin Hood, applies to search rankings for small companies taking away market share from large corporations. Since you don’t have to be a billion-dollar company to get top rankings, it’s wise for small businesses to pursue inbound marketing as a method of capturing new leads delivered by search engines.

Attracting Leads Like an Archery Tournament

The magical secret to IT lead generation can be compared with archery, which once again, relates to expert archer Robin Hood. Archery is a game of focus, precision, and targeting. It’s imperative that you focus on delivering quality content with precise calls to your target audience. The more you reach your target, the more reliable leads you’ll convert. These leads can be gained through email, social media, phone, your physical location, or other sources. Lead generation begins with strong SEO techniques combined with the content your target followers are already looking for through search engines.


Is Your MSP Marketing Salesman a Cowardly Lion?

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

If you’re over the age of 30, you likely remember seeing the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz. The cowardly lion was big and strong, yet he lacked one key element for success: courage. The cowardly lion doubted his thoughts and feelings to the point that he was rendered nearly lifeless. Does this sound like your MSP marketing team? It’s a common description of salespeople who find it difficult to close.


Syndicated Blogs Are Blinding MSPs From the Marketing Truth!

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

There are some MSP marketing professionals who opt for syndicated blogs to boost their rank and get more customers and sales. Unfortunately, this effort is not as effective as some believe. After all, how can you solidify your position as a thought leader in the industry if you’re using someone else’s content? The fact is, syndicated blogs are similar to pulling the wool over the eyes of MSPs who want to know the truth.

Some of the reasons why it’s best to avoid syndicated content and stick to original thoughts that are all your own include:


Confused Web Visitors Will Never Convert Into IT Sales Leads!

Friday, January 13th, 2017

Be Interesting

IT sales leads are getting harder to produce in today’s fast-paced world. Here’s the truth about post-modernism: nobody’s got an attention span anymore. If you’re unable to successfully communicate in 30 seconds or less, that which you’re trying to convey, good luck. You’ve got to get that unique selling proposition out there, and quickly— otherwise, diminished attention spans will confuse your prospects. Did you know that modernity has reduced collective attention spans to less than that of a goldfish?

Granted, it’s not quite the same level of consciousness that human beings understand. So, a nine-second attention span may not be quite as definitive as it may at first seem. That said, it’s still a staggering reality, and that reality is positively fostered by mobile technology. At this point, fighting against that reality is kind of a losing battle. What you’ve got to do is learn to work with it. Like Bruce Lee said, “Become like water, my friend.”


Don’t Use up All You’re ‘Marketing for IT’ Arsenal in One Battle!

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

If you’re “in the trenches” trying to outdo the competition when it comes to marketing for IT, it’s easy to have someone sneak up on you out of the blue. While it’s easy to focus on the obvious competition, what about the dark horse competitor? They have a tendency to sneak up from behind, and due to your full focus being on the other business, they may wind up “taking you out.”

Unfortunately, by the time you pay attention to this unexpected contender, you’ve run out of marketing ammunition to fight them and the other guy you were trying to beat, to begin with. As a result, you may fall to both their efforts, leaving you struggling to gain new customers and even to hold on to the ones you have.


Our Original IT Marketing Content Is Like Bringing a Sling to a Sword Fight!

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

The “Sin” of Syndication

IT marketing through syndicated content seems to be a good idea.  Syndication seems to be a known quantity in marketing, and in a way, this is true. But the ceiling for positive ROI is substantially curbed.

There’s a good analogy you can use to visualize this reality. Consider David and Goliath. Goliath— a nine-foot-tall colossus of a human being— challenges Israel. David, a teenager with a sling and some rocks, answers the call. Goliath blusters and bangs his shield, David swings a stone fast enough and hard enough to knock the giant in the head so that he can be immediately vanquished. It’s like that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones is confronted with a cunning swordsman and, rather than engage, just shoots the guy and continues on with the plot. Goliath is like syndication. Goliath is a cunning swordsman among other swordsmen. But in MSP ecosystems, going with unique, original content is like bringing a sling to a swordfight, or vanquishing a corporate marketing giant with several well-placed SEO stones.


Are You Orchestrating Your MSP Marketing Updates?

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Beyond a Science

MSP marketing is like any artistic pursuit. With any disciplined approach to a desired end, there’s more to it than just a codified system of engagement tactics. Realistically, there comes a point when something goes beyond scientific modes of expression and becomes a sort of “feeling,” a sort of talented expression of experience. Just consider art, science, and all the overlaps Leonardo da Vinci is famous for. Still, before such a stage can be reached, a professional must first master the science which describes the art.

Mastering such techniques doesn’t happen overnight, and while some businesses can afford to take a trial and error approach to their marketing endeavors, most of them can’t. It’s better to work with an agency which understands how the SEO stage has been set and has often rehearsed a successful performance thereon.


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