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Tips to Help Your MSP Business Contend with All Clients, Even the Awkward Ones

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Tips to Help Your MSP Business Contend with All Clients, Even the Awkward Ones

Saturday, May 4th, 2019

Your MSP business will naturally encounter clients who make working with them a real difficult thing. Sometimes it’s in your best interests to keep them on, sometimes it’s not. Determining where that “event horizon” is can be difficult.


Keep Them or Cut Them Loose

Essentially, you do need to know when to cut such awkward clients loose. If you keep indulging them, what you lose will outpace what you gain. Do that enough and a full suite of clients could bleed you dry of profits with gradual inevitability. For the security of your business, you need to identify when it’s time to let problem clients go. Following are a few tips to help you do that:


Determine Reasonability of Client Requests

Your MSP business needs to take the requests of clients with a grain of salt, as the saying goes. On the one hand, if the client asks something that isn’t too reasonable, it’s okay to indulge them. If they ask something that isn’t unreasonable but will be impacting enough to cost your business resources, be straightforward and offer a fair price for augmentation.

The key here isn’t to automatically approve or disprove any request, but to establish a system of evaluation. Managers need to have latitude to bend the rules for clients, but not do it too much.


The Customer Isn’t Always Right: Suggest Alternatives Initially

Sometimes, customers ask for wild things that are impossible. You can’t indulge that sort of thing or you’ll go bankrupt, and other clients will suffer. If a customer asks for something wildly unreasonable, before dismissing them, explain the difficulty and suggest reasonable alternatives.


Hire Personnel Who Have Patience to Deal with Diverse Clients

Your team needs to have employees who aren’t prone to anger and have patience to deal with client misunderstandings. Oftentimes, their odd requests stem from a miscommunication of some variety. Understanding, patient personnel draw this out.


A Win-Win for Everyone

When your MSP business has patience dealing with personnel, suggests alternatives, and evaluates requests for viability, clients are more likely to be pleased and your business is more likely to retain profitability. Accordingly, establish careful request evaluation procedures and hire the right people.

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