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Making Websites More Conducive to Capturing IT Sales Leads

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Making Websites More Conducive to Capturing IT Sales Leads

Friday, August 24th, 2018

IT sales leads are hard to capture if you’re not dedicating concerted effort at doing so. A number of things defer leads. Following are three aspects of web pages which will net you leads should they properly be managed, but which will lose you leads if they are improperly managed. These three considerations include:  


  • Load times
  • A website that isn’t trustworthy
  • Optimize lead capture methods


Load Times 

IT sales leads will scatter if your page takes too long to load. Today’s culture is rapid-fire. People don’t read, and they don’t like waiting around in restaurants unless they’re on a date acting refined. Food is fast, driving is faster, and internet speeds should be nigh-instantaneous. If that’s going to happen for your business, you need to continuously optimize your website to use the latest techniques. Avoid splashy animations and that which takes a long time to load. What you want is— professionally basic solutions which are effective and easy to navigate.  


A Website That Isn’t Trustworthy 

If your website loads quickly but looks like some HTML conglomeration of GIF and JPEGs from 1999, people won’t trust it. They may think you’re some foreign operation, or at the very least, are too far behind the times for relevant service provision. Again, overcoming that requires continuous optimization. You want to ensure your presentation is following modern trends. This will require renewal at strategic intervals.  


Optimize Lead Capture Methods 

If you’re getting traffic, but not needs, it’s time to optimize. Ensure you’ve got sign-up sheets and CTAs. This can be done simply–the sign-up is at the bottom of a paragraph which addresses a specific need of core clients. They’ve got to enter their email to read the rest of the article. Techniques like these can be remarkably effective. 


Optimized Presentation 

Incorporating signup and CTAs, trustworthy websites, and reduced load-times represent three effective strategies for capturing IT sales leads. Consider your existing site and how you might apply these principles toward its optimization.  

The Value of Establishing an Effective MSP Blog

Friday, August 10th, 2018

An MSP blog does a lot for your business. It works to make you more visible in terms of SERP, or Search Engine Results Pages. Basically, you’ll get better ranking with proper keywords, structure, visual element, and relevancy. More people are subsequently trafficked to your site, allowing you to increase rates of conversion. While this is perhaps the most notable benefit of a solid blog, it is only one of many— several others worth considering include these realities: 


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