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IT Marketing Tips: Telling Stories with Data

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IT Marketing Tips: Telling Stories with Data

Friday, May 31st, 2019

You might look at IT marketing kind of like a story problem from a math class that readers are given the answer to. If customer X has Y bandwidth requirements and Z budget, how can he make a profit? You then fill in the variables with actual data from the service provisions of your MSP.



In doing so, you’ve provided the reader with something they can actually latch onto as they go about deciding what IT to go with. They can plug in their own numbers and work the math similarly, ultimately seeing directly how you provide them value. Consider the following benefits of a data-driven content marketing strategy:


Data-Driven Content Lends More Weight to the Information

An IT marketing strategy which incorporates data-driven content essentially puts your “money” where your “mouth” is. When you can use case studies from existing clients, accurate projections, and cost-benefit analyses to demonstrate the effectiveness of your services, even if clients don’t exactly understand the “how”, they will get the “why”.


Visualization of Metrics Dramatically Communicates Value

What’s more effective: a paragraph describing information or a graph demonstrating it? Generally, a graph. Now content design including data can be an effective visual representation, but if you can get that data in an easy-to-read graph, you’ll double down on effectively communicating your value.


Effective Utility of True Information Positions You as an Authority

Data has to be true to be effective. If it’s not, you’ll rope in a few prospects, but they’ll be miffed and exit with maximum prejudice when they find you to be in error. But if you’re always producing effective content with true data, you will increasingly become an authority.


Data Increases Legitimacy

An IT marketing campaign which helps clients visualize value through accurate data presentation in graphic form defining content should see increased prospect engagement. Ultimately, this should expand conversion rates.

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