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Our Process

Instead of using canned, duplicate content, we create and use original content that can actually help boost your SEO results, which translates directly into more visitors, more IT sales leads.

Below is a brief overview of our unique MSP marketing process that will get you top search rankings!

1. Brainstorming / Ideas

lassoing lightbulbWe start by brainstorming subjects, key points and titles that are timely and relevant to your business.

2. Content Creation

woman and man at office deskOur professional, US based writers are then handed the core ideas for the content which they will research and develop into a raw blog.

3. Content Review

keyboard button reviewOur editors review the new articles to eliminate errors, ensure creativity, check accuracy and relevance to your audience.

4. Keyword Optimization

hand sprinkling saltBased on our keyword research we strategically insert just the right amount of relevant keywords for maximum effect, without triggering SEO penalties from ‘spamming’.

5. Publish

megaphone blogOnce the raw article has undergone keyword optimization and editorial review it is now ready to be published on your website!

6. Promote New Content

newspaper headline social mediaNext we post teasers for the new article to a variety of relevant social media and content networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

7. Guest Blogging

man writer typewriterOur article writing team will also generate content in your name for publication on highly-ranked, relevant industry news websites, for vital incoming link power and increased recognition as an authority in your industry.

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