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Should MSP Companies Believe They Can Get Their Marketing Website Top Ranked?

Recently an MSP owner expressed the idea that getting his marketing website top ranked was an impossible task. He lamented that there are thousands of IT companies trying to get top ranked and in the end only 10 spots available that even matter. I often run into this type of defeatist attitude among the many MSP businesses I encounter at trade shows.

Top of the MSP marketing mountain

However, these weak minded entrepreneurs have not learned a valuable lesson that I picked up from reading the works of Malcolm Gladwell and that is the idea that difficult tasks are so daunting that they scare away the majority. Whereas, the easy task looks so attractive that the majority are all competing and this makes these easy tasks much more difficult than they appear. However, the more difficult task are typically much easier to accomplish in the end because of the relatively low competition.

Getting your MSP marketing website top ranked is much easier than most in the IT industry realize because their attitude reflects the defeatist that gave up before even trying. Most IT companies are on the sidelines of the internet marketing competition which leaves to spoils to the few that know that difficult tasks are easy because they scare off the competition.

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