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Can We Work with More than One MSP Business in a Single Region?

Answer – One of the most common questions I hear from an MSP Business at trade-shows is how we can’t work with more than one IT provider in a single region.

I like to answer that by pointing out that not every MSPs goes after the same verticals nor do they target the exact same regions. This means that we can support multiple IT companies in the same market that target different verticals or have different models. In addition, there are usually enough high volume keywords to support three or four MSP in the same market.

However, in some areas there are so many sections of a region that have high volume keywords that we can support different MSP businesses in each section. You can take the Los Angeles market and then break out different sections to apportion to different MSPs in Orange County, Glendale, North Hollywood, Los Angeles etc..

The truth is that there are plenty of keywords, verticals, models and regions to support several IT providers in the same area. However, we can’t work with everyone so there is a limit to how many IT companies we can represent.

MSP SEO Factory can work with more than one MSP Business is a region but we can represent everyone!

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