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IT Marketing Strategy: Customer Segmentation

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IT Marketing Strategy: Customer Segmentation

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

One of the keys to successful IT marketing is getting to know your customers better. One of the best ways to understand your clients better is through customer segmentation. The use of customer segmentation allows you to divide your customers into various groups to better meet their individual needs. Customer segmentation includes three distinct classifications to help you organize your consumer base by their general characteristics, needs, and value.


  1. A Priori

A priori is a simple segmentation that includes a range of general characteristics. These traits typically include gender, age, engagement medium, and income level. A priori segmentation is the most basic level of information that gives you a general overview of your customers.


  1. Needs-Based

Needs-based is another category of customer segmentation that uses information gathered through your IT marketing research to divide clients based on their needs. Needs-based is much more sophisticated compared to a priori and can help you better understand the relationship between your customer and business.


  1. Value-Based

Value-based segmentation divides clients by their overall value. This includes harvesting data from client interactions over an extended period of time. Value-based segmentation isn’t limited to value, but also includes the strategic value of the customer to your IT company.


Looking for ways to improve your IT marketing is essential for your MSP. Customer segmentation plays a key role in helping your IT company unlock its full potential by helping you to learn more about each one of your clients. The needs of customers are always changing, so it is critical for you to continue to learn and never remain satisfied with the status quo. Customer segmentation allows you to gain a better understanding of your customers, enabling you to best meet their needs.

Social Media Tips Your MSP Company Can Use to Source Skilled Personnel

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

An MSP company should have the best possible personnel making up its operational team. Finding skilled tech, customer care, and salespeople is difficult today. It’s a competitive market and there are more positions than candidates in many regions. You’ve got to have a competitive edge to find the right people.  

There are best practices to consider as you go about securing personnel. Certainly, basic employee acquisition practices like mass interviews and local listings can be worthwhile. Additionally, consider these tips: 


Involve Existing Employees in The Social Media Hunt 

An MSP company is going to have a few employees that have friends appropriate to vacant positions. When you’ve got to hire somebody, send out a memo, or have a meeting where you ask for some submission suggestions. You still have to screen the options brought to you, but this can have a collateral benefit in terms of team morale should you hire a friend of an employee.  


On Social Media, Be as Responsive as Feasibly Possible 

Whenever anyone interacts with your social media profiles or sends a message, it’s integral that you respond as fast as you can. You should have someone manage social media accounts who stays on top of them. Applicants who are qualified are going to reach out to multiple MSPs for employment simultaneously, and likely follow the path of least resistance. If you can get back to them quick, you make it easy for them.  


Clearly Demonstrate What Sets Your MSP Apart from Others 

Your MSP has features that are unique to it. In terms of service provision, company mission, and operational conduct throughout the day-to-day, there’s no MSP like you. Focus on your good qualities and make those visible to prospective personnel.  


Getting the Right People 

Your MSP company will likely have more success finding the right personnel if it clearly distinguishes itself from other MSPs, responds quickly on social media, and brings existing personnel into the employee hunt. 

Tactics to Increase MSP Sales Conversions Online

Monday, July 8th, 2019

MSP sales have more statistical analyses available in modern time than perhaps ever in human history. Cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and SEO are redefining how we think about advertisement.

Marketers respect this kind of information and are using it to construct more effective marketing strategies. Below, we’ll examine a few key considerations in marketing design to help give you a starting point when designing online outreach:


Use Realistic Goals You Can Measure to Initiate Online Marketing

MSP sales need to have goals informing forward progress; otherwise, you won’t know if you’re making any positive headway in your outreach endeavors. Use statistics and research into demographics, existing customers, and your market to define goal thresholds that are attainable.


Design a Strategic Checklist and Fulfill Each Category

Here’s a prospective checklist you may want to consider applying to your MSP’s online sales outreach: create buyer personas to target, drive relevant traffic related to those personas to an excellent website strategically designed for maximum positive impact, and ensure compelling value propositions are all over that site.

From there, know phases in the buyer’s journey and strategize accordingly. Make conversion as easy as possible. Communicate clearly, and continuously strive to reduce any distracting “noise” from sales efforts. Be engaging to all visitors, facilitate urgency, and be sure positive usability standards pertain to all marketing endeavors.


Seek Consultation from Known Professionals

SEO groups who have MSPs as core clientele can help you adopt the most statistically streamlined best practices and avoid useless outreach strategies that will just waste your time. As an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, a smidgen of consultation is worth a ton of trial and error.


Optimizing Profitable Sales Impact

MSP sales built around professional consultation which employ a strategic checklist and seek to fulfill realistic goals have a high likelihood of seeing increased conversions.

3 IT Lead Generation Strategies to Help You Most Efficiently Score Leads

Friday, March 1st, 2019

IT lead generation is absolutely fundamental to profitability over time. However, you shouldn’t aim the full force of marketing guns at leads just because you have them; not all leads are created equal.

Some will convert immediately, some never can because the lead captured doesn’t have direct buying power. If you waste a good pitch on them, it could sap your energy for a pitch more appropriately aimed at more relevant leads. Following are three tips to help you more effectively score leads:


  1. Know Target Demographics

IT lead generation will produce results across the demographic spectrum. Ideally, you want to focus on those which match your target demographics. Categorize leads conforming to their demographic alignment, and you’ll waste less time pursuing leads which won’t be converted.


  1. Get As Much Information About Prospects As Possible

Once you’ve categorized prospects based on demographic alignment, now you want to learn as much about those at the top of your list as you possibly can. Ask them, research them online, look around your market to see where these prospects have been previously, and even call up competitors or peers who have worked with them in the past. Go with what works.


  1. Behavior of Buyers, Their Interest, and Decay Over Time

As you research prospects, you’ll come to know how they behave, in what they’re interested, and your likelihood of converting them. Lead decay is when qualified leads don’t get back to you, or otherwise lose interest. There’s a shelf-life to leads; you want to get to them at the right time. Knowing interests and behavior helps you get ahead of lead decay.


Converting Well-Qualified Leads

In your IT lead generation, you must carefully consider buyer behavior, interests, and demographic alignment. This provides information to properly grade leads. Always seek new information and leverage that information into varying outreach strategies before lead decay sets in. Such tactics increase conversions.

IT Marketing Tips to Help Establish the Identity of Your Brand

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

In your IT marketing, you need to design content which is optimized in terms of readability and visibility on search engines. But something else all content must do is properly reflect who your company is as a brand. 

Brand identity is integral, and content is a great way to build it. Following are three questions whose answers will help you more effectively establish brand identity: 


1. Where Are You Going; What’s Your Vision? 

Are you going to be a new tech conglomerate making brilliant innovations core to forward progress? Will you fulfill a niche in your local market that will always need competent tech professionals? Do you work as a sort of cyber-sleuth, tracking down cybercriminal startups? 

Determine where you are, where you want to be, means of getting there, and how to incorporate this vision into your content. Ideally, your vision should be aligned with aspects of your target demographic. 


2. How Do You Present Yourself Professionally; What’s Your voice? 

Every MSP has a “voice”. If you don’t define what it is, then your “voice” will be metaphorically “uncertain”. In sales, a strong, assured, jovial, sociable voice is ideal and necessary. Your content must impart that one way or another. 

You can do it through informal prose or that which incorporates trendy jokes, memes, and parlance. What is professional for one MSP may not be professional for another, owing to voice. Your voice must also naturally be operating in alignment with your vision. 


3. What Sort of Values Predominate at Your MSP? 

Your IT marketing voice will also be defined by what values you’ve decided are important to your MSP. Different specializations naturally lead to different values among diverse MSPs.  


Solid Identity 

An IT marketing campaign informed by solid values, a matching voice, and a vision in agreement with most clients will expand the solidity of your brand’s identity. Continually producing content of this variety is recommendable to maintain your brand. 

Teammates Among Your MSP Business May Be Afraid; Know Why

Saturday, November 17th, 2018

Your MSP business needs to get internal feedback if there is going to be any kind of effective operation. You’re never going to function at 100% efficiency, but you can continuously approach perfection until the difference is minimal.

Doing that requires a mode of internal improvement–an organic filter, if you will, which separates out bad practices. Employees are intrinsic in such efforts. But if you don’t enable them to speak up, they’ll be afraid to. Following are a few things you can do to change employee perception, making it so they’re not afraid to speak up when they need to:


Leadership Development Strategies for Your MSP Company

Monday, October 8th, 2018

Your MSP company should always have a leadership development strategy or your leaders will grow in diverse ways which may or may not serve your business. Think of it like a tree in a garden. If you prune it and shape it, it will grow as desired. If you don’t, the roots may tear up the sidewalk, structures may be compromised, and you might just have to cut it down. So, get your leadership tree properly shaped and rooted— several strategies to help do that include:


MSP Sales Techniques to Optimize Your Sales Funnel

Friday, October 5th, 2018

An MSP sales funnel works like a top-down tornado. Prospects enter the “funnel” at the top and slowly spiral down until they are a converted client. Certainly, the faster a tornado spins, the more powerful it is. It’s similar in terms of your sales funnel–except instead of “faster”, substitute “effective content marketing”. Following are techniques to help you maximize the effectiveness of your sales funnel: 


  • Lead generation and growth focus are integral
  • Drip marketing and nurture: don’t be forgotten
  • Sell through value, and upsell when the time is right


Lead Generation and Growth Focus are Integral 

You should focus your MSP sales on growth, as well as lead generation. The two go hand in hand. If you’ve got an exceptional sales funnel but you’re not conducting effective outreach, you’re not going to generate leads necessary for you to see conversions. Having content geared at directing clientele down the sales funnel to conversion is great, but it’s useless if no one is entering the funnel. It’s like a dust devil, as opposed to a tornado. You need to strengthen that dust devil with the “debris” of lead generation.  


Drip Marketing and Nurture: Don’t Be Forgotten 

Once you’ve acquired leads one way or another, you need to keep them engaged. There are a number of ways to do this, notably, email marketing campaigns. But don’t limit yourself to one mode of outreach. Phone calls, text messages, and snail mail are additionally viable when properly used.  


Sell Through Value, and Upsell When the Time is Right 

Don’t force sales through pressure. Instead, sell using value, and upsell or pressurize when the time’s right. This establishes trust and will likely facilitate long-term use of your company from the right clients. 


Expanding Conversion 

Take lead generation, growth, maintenance of captured leads, and value-selling into account so you can strengthen and improve your sales funnel. Have strong MSP sales strategies for the conversion process in mind, and maximize them through these techniques. 

IT Marketing Tips to Expand Consumer Base with SEO

Friday, September 21st, 2018

IT marketing professionals increasingly incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into outreach paradigms owing to effectiveness in terms of cost, conversion, and visibility. Since most aspects of the web today are defined by SEO at some level, this sort of focus is essential. Following are tips to help you competitively, cost-effectively employ such methods: 


How to Get Your MSP Business Ranked on Google

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

It’s going to take your MSP business about six months to rank on Google if you use the right outreach techniques and have proper SEO optimization surfeiting outbound efforts. That doesn’t mean you’ll be number one, but it does mean when people search for you or that which is related to what you do, that you show up in primary SERPs (search engine results pages)— likely in the first page, if you’ve managed to get things done right. That said, even two years of outreach strategy will fail if you don’t do it right.  (more…)

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