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Promoting Ethical Leadership at Your MSP Company

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Promoting Ethical Leadership at Your MSP Company

Saturday, February 16th, 2019

Your MSP company must maintain ethical operations. But, what’s ethical? The way in which ethics are defined has changed. But, is that which is ethical ever in flux? These are deep questions. 

Oftentimes, people interpose morality and ethics, and though the concepts are related, they aren’t synonymous. Whatever ethics are in an archetypal sense, refraining from practicing them will damage your MSP. Following are several ways to ensure you’re always operating ethically:  


Align Personal Values with Leadership Duties: Maintain Consistency 

First, your MSP company needs to determine what its values are. Those values should be in alignment with managing personnel, especially those at the top of your MSP. 

Once you know what you believe, you can maintain consistency; and at that point, your established ethics become entwined with your brand, soon becoming expected by clients.  


Get People Onboard Share Your Ethics 

Next, hire people who share your ethical perspective. But there’s a caveat. An echo chamber produces no melody or harmony, only homogenous sound. If you’re going to make breakthroughs, it’s good to have a few wild-cards on your team. Establish ethics and hire mostly those who agree with you. But keep a slot open for someone talented that may have a different perspective on things.  


Facilitate Open Communication and Good Biases 

Ensure communication between staff and clients is as open and transparent as possible. Own mistakes. Everyone has biases. Some biases are good; for example, a bias toward loving one’s fellow man. 

Some biases are bad, like brainwashed individuals in radical cults where members share a bias favoring cult leaders. You must learn to differentiate and ensure at the top you’re operating from good biases in terms of ethics.  


Ethical Operations 

MSP company ethics ultimately define brand perception. Communicate openly, facilitate good biases, hire right, and align company ethics with your own personal ones. Such tactics will help your MSP function better.  

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