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How MSP Businesses Can Use Video Marketing to Amplify Their Brand Voice

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How MSP Businesses Can Use Video Marketing to Amplify Their Brand Voice

Monday, March 1st, 2021
MSP business

Marketers and consumers who pay close attention to the information published on the web are well aware of the fact that video content is on the rise in recent years. Nearly every single business and marketer who relies on video content uses it again in subsequent years. The bottom line is video marketing works, especially when the goal is to amplify the MSP business brand voice. However, the manner in which video is used makes all the difference in the world. Below, we provide a quick look at the merits of video to enhance your brand’s voice and connect to that many more clients, ultimately making a lasting impression that leads to conversions.

Video Content Must Prove Engaging

Above all, video content has to engage the target audience. Positioning video content at the optimal position at the right moment in time guarantees it reaches the audience to make the intended impact. Though written content presented in an artful manner is certainly important for educational purposes, the written word combined with embedded video heightens engagement all the more.

Focus on Quality, as Opposed to Quantity

It is a mistake to load up the entirety of your MSP business’s online content with embedded videos. Start out slow, adding high-quality video to your online content in a highly strategic manner. Use the video formats/qualities optimal for each individual platform, zero in on the strategic placement of videos within the content and you will maximize their impact.

Use Video to Tell a Story

Viewers respond to stories with a beginning, middle, and an end. Furthermore, a story that features a relatable individual will prove that much more engaging. Video that tells the story of your business or a consumer you serve will engage the audience all the more, dramatically increasing the chances of converting them into paying clients at the bottom of the metaphorical sales funnel.

Video Narratives

Use video to communicate a narrative to the target audience, and the information presented will make a truly lasting impact. Share information about your services and value offerings through compelling narratives presented in video form. Narratives are also useful for touting discounts, product creation processes and additional information that intrigues the audience. The moral of the story is people identify with narratives they can relate to. As long as your narratives presented in video form strike a chord with your target audience, they will make an indelible impression that spikes conversions.

Don’t be Intimidated by Video

If you are like most professionals, you have not had the time to learn about the subtleties of online video content. However, the many different video platforms available make it quite easy to embed videos in online content including banner ads. Experiment with video at your MSP business, find the platform best for your needs, and you will agree this medium amplifies your brand voice all the more.

3 Ways to Write a Winning PR Pitch for Your MSP Business

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Increasing your MSP business visibility is one of the main keys to success. Understanding how to create a winning PR pitch is an excellent way to help your IT company stand out from the rest of the competition. A successful PR pitch is easy to understand and can allow you to reach a wide range of potential clients.

Here are three simple tips to help you create a winning PR pitch for your IT company:


  1. Introduce Yourself

The first step in writing a successful PR pitch is to introduce yourself. You can introduce your company by discussing your expertise, personal experiences, and educational background. Taking the time to create a personal touch is a great way to differentiate your company from others and make your story come alive.


  1. Focus on Context

Another tip for a successful PR pitch is to focus on context. Opening your MSP business is great, but opening an MSP company to focus on the needs of legal firms is even better. Showing ways that your IT company is unique is a great way to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression. Highlighting key features that makes your company unique is essential in helping you attain long-term success.


  1. Understand the News Cycle

Always remaining aware of the news cycle is important in helping you create a winning PR pitch. For example, your pitch may focus on the importance of cybersecurity in response to a large data breach gaining headlines on the news. Understanding how to take advantage of the news cycle will help you maximize the effectiveness of your PR pitch.

Writing a successful PR pitch is essential to the success of your MSP business. Following these simple-yet-useful tips are a great way to make a significant impact on crafting a PR pitch. The IT world is always competitive, and learning how to utilize a PR pitch can help your business rise above the competition and reach higher levels of success in today’s workplace.

4 Ways to Write a Good Business Plan for Your MSP Business

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

Developing a plan for your MSP business is key to long-term success in today’s competitive workplace. Setting various goals will help you measure your progress while providing additional incentives for your company. It is also a good idea to review your business plan on a regular basis and make adjustments.

Here are a few things to consider in writing a business plan for your IT company:


  1. Why Do You Want to Start a Business and How Will You Measure Success?

The first thing to consider is why do you want to start a business and how will you measure your success. Developing detailed goals can provide you with structure while making it easier for you to measure success. Always looking for ways to improve is a key aspect of achieving long-term success for your IT company.


  1. What Resources Do You Have?

Understanding the number of resources you have available is also key to long-term success. These resources play a key role in helping you reach more clients. Developing strategies to improve these resources is always a must for any MSP business.


  1. What Are Your Services?

Detailing the various IT services you offer is important in helping you reach new clients. Adding more IT services can also help you stay up to date with current trends, as technology is always evolving. Understanding the costs of your IT services can help you create a budget and maximize profit for your business.


  1. Who Are Your Target Customers?

Understanding your consumer base and how you will reach them is key to the success of your company. Many IT providers focus on reaching small businesses, and you can develop a detailed strategy to reach this demographic.

Developing a plan is essential to the success of your MSP business. Asking yourself the questions discussed above and always looking for ways to improve will help you maximize your consumer base and lead to success. Keeping your business plan updated is an excellent way to sustain success and reach as many clients as possible

Ensuring Your MSP Business Uses the Most Effective Local SEO Strategies

Thursday, August 15th, 2019

Localized Results are More Effective

If you do a search for an MSP business and some operation from Canada pops up, will you drive across the border? If customers can’t locally find your MSP, you’ll get less ROI from SEO. For some things, locality isn’t important; but for many businesses, SEO that optimizes based on locality is going to be one of the most important first SEO steps you can make.


Maximizing Local SEO Impact 

Include the name of your city, your state, and the services your MSP provides in online content. Additionally, you want Google to recognize you. Well, most businesses do, anyway. Google has something called a Google My Business (GMB) listing. This is the sort of profile that populates when you search for somewhere and a point on a map is returned to you by the search engine.


Be Sure to Claim Your Search Engine Listing

An MSP business should be sure to first claim their GMB and other search engine listings from appropriate sites. If you don’t do it, a competitor or similarly named business could.


Fill Out Your Listing to The Fullest Extent

Once you’ve got the listing, fill it out to the fullest possible extent in every category. Put down addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses that are applicable. Include a plethora of photos, and video if you can. Fill that profile to the max.


Carefully Maintain Your Listing: Update It and Solicit Reviews

When the listing is up, keep it updated with any relevant changes. Ask satisfied customers to go there and leave reviews, offering them discounts, free services, or other incentives.


Successfully Expanding Online Visibility Locally

An MSP business that reserves search engine listings, fully fills them out, and solicits reviews appropriately should see an increase in traffic and conversions among clientele. If your MSP has yet to claim its listing, it’s something worth taking care of.

Contextually Relevant MSP Business Conversion Tactics

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Your MSP business will be observed by clients on a desktop computer and those perusing your site from a smartphone. Where before, the only “context” of interaction with your MSP digitally was a website on a desktop computer, now there are multiple touchpoints of contact owing to IoT. If marketing isn’t contextually relevant, you won’t engage prospects in a way yielding the conversion you could be seeing.

Here are ways to establish effective contextual relevancy in outreach:


Determine What Prospects Know and What They Should Know

An MSP business needs to understand where prospective clients are coming from. What do they already understand and where do they have knowledge gaps you can fill? Core needs of clients will differ, and their knowledge base will generally have some relationship to their operation’s core features.

Accordingly, similar clientele will have a similar knowledge base, allowing you to narrow down what to present for the greatest contextual relevance. When you know what they need to know, you can condense necessary information for effective mobile presentation.


Know More Than Just Where Prospects Have Come from Digitally— Know Why

Why is a prospect interacting with your website, blog, social media profile, or promotional page? Did they come from an email offering a discount? Did they find you all on their own? Were they searching for you? Try to design marketing “answers” for the “why” behind clients examining your MSP.


Calibrate Results to Fit the Environment of Visitors

Different results should populate based on the context of a search. Someone who is interacting on a mobile device needs to encounter websites that are designed to work with mobile devices, etc.


Expanding Appropriate Relevancy 

An MSP business should calibrate search results to fit visitor environments, understand the why behind client interaction with your materials, and have a reasonable idea of what clients already know. These things help you design contextually relevant marketing materials.

Tips to Help Your MSP Business Manage Online Presence More Effectively

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

An MSP business needs to understand how search engines rank pages in search engine results pages (SERPs). Essentially, you’ve got to play ball with these tech companies to be visible when prospects search for you.

Adhering to search engine parameters means being visible to algorithms in a positive way. If you try to “game” the system through keyword stuffing or some other tactic, you’re very likely to become de-listed and deferred by search engines. But if you do things right, you will increase who can see you through a basic search. Consider the following tactics:


Site Authority Through Link Popularity is Necessary for Visibility

An MSP business needs to design websites and content with links that provide visibility through authority. When you’re writing content that’s relevant to clientele, provides truly useful information, and is naturally optimized for SEO, that lends blogs and websites a level of authority.

When you regularly make new posts in a predictable way, this also lends authority to your outreach materials. Links are the cherry on top that give authority rounded-out legitimacy. You need links to your site, and links from your site to collateral IT needs potential prospects may have, but that your business doesn’t provide. When you provide such options, it makes you more than an MSP; you’re a tech authority at that point.


Pages Need to Be Dedicated to Relevant Keyword Phrases

When you’ve got a keyword phrase you’re looking to use as a means of drawing in clientele, it will be more visible if you align content to that phrase entirely. From there, ensure there are links to pages which are totally relevant to the associated phrase.


Meta-tagging, Page Navigation, and Social Activity 

Your site needs to be effectively meta-tagged; pages need to be easy to navigate, and social media utility must be requisite to market demands. Working with SEO groups who concentrate on MSPs will help you find the balance.


More Effective Online Presence

An MSP business will increase its online reputation through properly meta-tagging sites, making pages easy to navigate, co-opting social activity, designing relevant keyword phrases which have pages backing them up, and establishing site authority. Working with professional SEO groups is a wise choice here.

Developing Your MSP Business Story for Maximum PR Visibility 

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Your MSP business needs to court PR as possible, but it’s not always easy to get. You’ve got to do something newsworthy. Accordingly, positive newsworthy action should be budgeted into your marketing.


Expanding Visibility

There are many tactics you can take here, you want to be scrupulous in all action and meaningful. Contacting the chamber of commerce in your community can be key in helping you figure out from where you should start and which direction you should go. From there, consider these tactics:


Speak Out Locally in Your Community 

Your MSP business must be a presence locally. Providing charity services to schools or other public institutions is newsworthy, and may be as affordable as certain marketing expenses. So, go ahead and provide such services for a proscribed time period, and don’t be shy about sending press releases.

Additionally, speak out on prescient issues and provide clear, true, accurate information people can relate to and which helps reveal the technological situation in which communities increasingly find themselves. The world is changing, you’ve got opportunities in abundance here.


Give Free Advice–Most Clients Can’t Apply It Without You Anyway

On local blogs, social media, during interviews, and wherever possible, give sound tech advice which can be followed. Here’s the thing: following your advice won’t be easy for clients. Imagine a contractor telling you how to build a house step by step. Are you going to do it yourself, or does this make it more likely you’ll hire builders? It’s the same with tech.


Write Effective, SEO-Optimized Biography Segments That Are Newsworthy

SEO groups which serve MSPs can help you optimize your bio to be both newsworthy and the most visible. Constantly update it with your accomplishments and exploits in the community to increase its newsworthiness.


Maximizing PR Organically

It’s advisable for an MSP business to design effective bios, give advice, and become a visible local presence. Such steps should organically induce local media authorities to recognize your action, facilitating increased community awareness of your business, and a higher likelihood of conversion among target demographics.

Incorporating Loss-Deferral Strategy into MSP Business Sales

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Many MSP business strategies revolve around demonstrating benefits associated with their products or services. While there is a place for such marketing, there is another a school of thought endorsed by many MSP marketing agencies who’ve tread SEO waters over the last decade. This strategy is demonstrating how what you do prevents your clients from experiencing loss.


Constructing Loss-Avoidance Sales Messaging

There are several features of an effective outreach sales strategy worth considering. You’ll want something constructed, rehearsed, revised, refined, and correctly informed at every level. Three areas that encompass much that are involved will be briefly examined here:


Collecting Data Requisite to Inform Outreach Optimally

MSP business sales must show clients what they’re losing without the right sort of IT. Show potentiality, show how to outsource personnel using BYOD strategies through the cloud, or whatever defines the services you provide.

Part of the value you bring is loss deferral, so pitch around metrics that demonstrate how what you do has benefited existing clientele and could be conducive to target prospects.


Motivation Identification and Application: Loss Avoidance

Identify which specific losses motivate your prospects into seeking IT solutions. Are they trying to conserve time? Are they trying to increase security? Are they looking for a competitive edge some other way? Figure out their directives, and where they’re losing, and show how you can plug the gap.


Construction of Sales Messaging Around a Loss-Avoidance Approach

Sales messaging needs to be geared at the primary clientele your MSP caters to. Yes, you want specific pitches around specific prospects, but generally, a wing of outreach including blogs and other content should be established to help attract prospects. SEO agencies with MSP focus can be key here.


Loss Avoidance Marketing Can Be Effective

When MSP business sales strategies show how loss can be deferred through pitches constructed around client motivations, and such strategies are informed by data, it naturally motivates conversion of target prospects.

Tips to Help Your MSP Business Contend with All Clients, Even the Awkward Ones

Saturday, May 4th, 2019

Your MSP business will naturally encounter clients who make working with them a real difficult thing. Sometimes it’s in your best interests to keep them on, sometimes it’s not. Determining where that “event horizon” is can be difficult.


Keep Them or Cut Them Loose

Essentially, you do need to know when to cut such awkward clients loose. If you keep indulging them, what you lose will outpace what you gain. Do that enough and a full suite of clients could bleed you dry of profits with gradual inevitability. For the security of your business, you need to identify when it’s time to let problem clients go. Following are a few tips to help you do that:


Determine Reasonability of Client Requests

Your MSP business needs to take the requests of clients with a grain of salt, as the saying goes. On the one hand, if the client asks something that isn’t too reasonable, it’s okay to indulge them. If they ask something that isn’t unreasonable but will be impacting enough to cost your business resources, be straightforward and offer a fair price for augmentation.

The key here isn’t to automatically approve or disprove any request, but to establish a system of evaluation. Managers need to have latitude to bend the rules for clients, but not do it too much.


The Customer Isn’t Always Right: Suggest Alternatives Initially

Sometimes, customers ask for wild things that are impossible. You can’t indulge that sort of thing or you’ll go bankrupt, and other clients will suffer. If a customer asks for something wildly unreasonable, before dismissing them, explain the difficulty and suggest reasonable alternatives.


Hire Personnel Who Have Patience to Deal with Diverse Clients

Your team needs to have employees who aren’t prone to anger and have patience to deal with client misunderstandings. Oftentimes, their odd requests stem from a miscommunication of some variety. Understanding, patient personnel draw this out.


A Win-Win for Everyone

When your MSP business has patience dealing with personnel, suggests alternatives, and evaluates requests for viability, clients are more likely to be pleased and your business is more likely to retain profitability. Accordingly, establish careful request evaluation procedures and hire the right people.

MSP Business Strategies to Facilitate More Effective Impact in Website Design

Friday, March 1st, 2019

An MSP business needs to use available tools in terms of strategy and resources to most effectively reach, resonate with, and convert target demographics. How well your website is designed can be a very impacting factor in achieving such outcomes. Following are several site design tips to help you see the outcomes you must: 


Why Is Your Site There, and Why Is It Visited? Answer These Questions 

Your MSP business will have many kinds of content drawing in potential clients. Websites, radio ads, television spots, YouTube videos, blogs, infographics, and more all represent ample opportunity to direct prospects toward a primary website–a hub. Some links will necessarily lead to landing pages, while some will lead to your primary site itself. So, initially, as you’re designing your site, you need to put things together around fulfilling a page’s purpose.  


Tell the Truth–The Whole Truth–and Rescue Clientele from Competitors 

What are the “catches”, are there any? You must “break it down”. Get into the “nitty gritty” and tell the truth. You don’t have to put ugly tech realities on display on your homepage, but have resources where clients asking specific questions are led and which don’t pull punches. Always emphasize your solutions to common problems and where you provide more cost-effective solutions. Doing this will help clientele trust you and help you save them from your competitors.  


Ease of Navigation and Intuitive Site Design Communicate Professionalism 

Your website shouldn’t be a challenge to navigate. Doing so should be very simple. You want to ensure that your site is upgraded on a regular basis, though. Continuous maintenance should be a core prerogative.  


Optimized Design 

An MSP business with a well-optimized website will likely have increased rates of conversion. Design an easily-navigable, intuitive site that’s regularly updated.

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