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Using IT Services Personality Profiles Eliminates Qualified Marketing Candidates!

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Using IT Services Personality Profiles Eliminates Qualified Marketing Candidates!

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

IT services MarketingThe Human Component

Hiring for an IT services marketing position is difficult. If you’ve decided that “personality profile” is best, “you’re doing it wrong,” to quote the popular phrase. You can’t scientifically categorize personalities into a box, because personalities are in constant flux and don’t represent ability. If you’re in a good mood, whether extroverted or introverted primarily, you’re more likely to get on with disparate individuals and make connections. If you’re in a bad mood, even your most personable personality traits will likely be impossible to communicate. Personality changes in a “microcosmic” sense, transitioning with your own emotional segue— and in a “macroscopic” sense— as you mature. The personality of an ancient elder won’t be the same as that individual in their youth. So as a screening measure, the personality profile ignores one of the most integral components of reality: time. (more…)

No IT Services Firm Should Ever Make an Internet Marketing Update Without Keyword Research! (Rule #1)

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

IT Services MarketingRule Number One: The Importance of Keywords

IT services marketing does have rules, and one of the most important pertains to keywords. When it comes to keywords, you don’t want to put the cart before the horse; it’ll confuse the horse and mess up your cart. Unless of course, your horse can moonwalk, then by all means, dance that stallion. Most of us don’t have such well-choreographed steeds, however. So, learn the rules as pertains to keywords. (more…)

You Should Tell Your IT Services Prospects the Marketing Message 9 Times!

Friday, January 6th, 2017


It is often said that customers need to see a marketing message upwards of nine times in order to give it serious consideration. Modern day people tend to tune out advertisements. We are bombarded by commercials, banner ads, corporate jingles, salesmen and other forms of marketing. Most people tune out these stimuli unless they are exposed to a particular message over and over again. This is the “tipping point” your company must strive for. IT services marketing can help you reach it.

Creative Approaches to Customer Engagement  

There is a widely held misconception that touching base with end users three times will suffice. In reality, target customers should be engaged at least nine times. It is not enough to contact a prospect through the same marketing channel over and over again. Rather, contacting targets through varied marketing channels will create a meaningful impact.


Should the IT Services Marketing Value of a Blog Be Judged by Page Rank?

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Value of idea conceptIt wasn’t too long ago that the only thing IT services marketing professionals cared about and used as a metric was page rank. The rankings that you had in Google’s search results was the driver of everything. Those results are what dictated whether or not the marketing campaign that you were embarking on was a success or a failure. The current state of the internet marketing game uses metrics that go far above and beyond just page rank. Does that mean the value of a page rank is dead? The simple answer is no.

Page rank is not dead— far from it. What IT marketing professionals have learned though is that there’s still value in it and it shouldn’t be the only measure that’s used. There should be other signals beyond just the page rank that identify a successful web marketing campaign. Once you can get a holistic picture of how your entire campaign is doing, you’ll be able to put your page rank into perspective and the rest will come together. (more…)

Why Telemarketing Is Broken: Bad Reps Set Bogus IT Services Marketing Appointments!

Saturday, December 24th, 2016

IT Services MarketingHave you talked to an IT services marketing representative recently? Did you set up an appointment? If so, did it go as planned? Did anyone show up at the scheduled time to meet with you? If not, there’s no need to seem shocked or surprised. The fact is this situation occurs all the time. (more…)

IT Services Providers Don’t Have Patience for Traditional Marketing!

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

Looking at watch running out of patienceIt wasn’t long ago when IT services marketing consisted of making cold calls to prospects. As time progressed, most businesses have delved into inbound marketing channels on the web. Inbound marketing methods range from search engine optimization (SEO) to social media, blogging, e-mail marketing, website editorials, and beyond. These “new age” forms of marketing have been proven highly successful for a variety of reasons. Chief amongst them is the fact that outbound marketing is extremely time-consuming compared to inbound marketing. (more…)

Where Can IT Services Providers Get Blog Marketing Ideas?

Monday, December 12th, 2016

IT Services MarketingA Diverse Climate

IT services marketing has many different fronts; one of the most important of which in today’s world being “the blog”. A “weblog” used to be a sort of fringe element on the ‘net where people with like-minded ideas would congregate to share opinions and champion those who best represented their own beliefs. Today, blogs still serve this purpose; but they’ve expanded exponentially. The blog today is the magazine of yesteryear. Where before, a magazine like US or People would follow around celebrities, pad their pages with articles to that effect, add in some cosmetic tips and human interest pieces, then fill the rest with advertisements, now essentially the same thing happens with blogs. A “blogging” website will have a core element — much like the name of a magazine represents its core concept — and it will be surrounded by endless secondary material loosely related to said core concept. Advertisers will write articles, and they will also post ads to successful blogs, allowing those who write them to continue writing them. The blog is the magazine of the future. But it’s a much more highly-specialized iteration of this (more…)

IT Services Providers Should Be Aware of Local SEO Marketing!

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

IT services marketingThere are many tried and true methods that companies take when it comes to their IT services marketing. So, many companies follow some of the most basic search engine optimization tactics out there, such as trying to figure out generalized keywords and then crafting content around them. How much success are you going to get when you are doing the same thing that every other managed service provider out there is doing from a marketing perspective? (more…)

Are Your IT Services Marketing Guest Blog Partners ‘Borrowing’ Ideas?

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

IT Services MarketingContent is king. This is a phrase you have likely heard time and time again. As a result, your IT services marketing team takes the time to not only create great content for your website, but also puts effort into guest blogging on partners’ sites. This presents an excellent method for you to reach a new audience and garner more business for your IT services. (more…)

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