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Key IT Marketing Tactics That Are Known to Be Effective

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Key IT Marketing Tactics That Are Known to Be Effective

Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Your IT Marketing will be more successful if you use the latest tools available. This is easier to say than do for many reasons, not least of which being the continuously shifting nature of technology. However, it is possible to line out operational protocols and best practices that retain the most effective outreach innovations. Presently, digital solutions represent some of the best.


Specific Advantages to Consider

When you go the digital route, it becomes easier to reach more people at less cost. This is something especially considerable in a competitive market that has burgeoning tech companies arising every day. Consider the following digital advantages:


Success Can Be Tracked, Monitored, and Augmented

An IT marketing campaign that uses digital outreach such as SEO has potential to track, monitor, and augment advertising with greater precision. Whether you’re using content like blog posts, white papers, videos, pictorial presentations, slide shows, or coupons, with digital outreach, you can determine precisely how effective each foray into the market is. This helps you avoid unnecessary trial and error. Consultation from SEO groups which serve MSPs is a very worthwhile tactic here.


Digital Options Are Known for Their High ROI

Return on investment is very high for digital outreach because the cost of production isn’t as steep as other outreach avenues. That said, some avenues of outreach take longer to produce ROI. For example, an SEO blog may require six months to a year.


Top-Tier Customer Engagement At Bottom-Dollar Cost

Digital outreach includes social media, and because of its computerized nature, specific communication becomes more streamlined. You can’t click on a billboard and talk with a salesperson, but you can do that with the chatbox on your page’s website.


Maximized Marketing Through Digital Outreach

Incorporating digital strategies into your IT marketing expands customer engagement, increases ROI, and provides clear statistical touchpoints for enhancement when properly deployed. If you’re not using digital marketing, it’s definitely something worth looking into, especially as an MSP.

Tips to Produce a More Successful IT Marketing Campaign Through Email Channels

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

In your IT marketing, you shouldn’t ignore the potentiality of email outreach. Even though many have begun to avoid using email strictly owing to things like “spam”, targeted email campaigns built around clients’ pain-points and drafted to be intriguing at every level do have their positive effect–especially if you include incentivization like discounts or freebies with a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) flavor.


Tactics to Enhance Email

There are a lot of different ways you can buff up your email outreach campaign. Getting a little consultation through SEO groups can save you a lot of trouble in the process and produce more ROI quickly. These tactics are common:


Understand Who Your Audience Is

Your IT marketing campaign needs to be informed. Certainly, you want to research target clients and calibrate emails that direction. But, you also want to construct those emails with a “voice” your clients resonate with, and use data to clarify that voice. High-powered corporate clients are less likely to respond to “counter-culture” themes than younger, more “hip” operations.


Design Email Titles That Can’t Be Ignored

Draw prospects in through the titles of your emails. If you can say something like “X service costs X dollars and saves X money”, that makes sense. Don’t be homogenous, though. The key is to use your title like a lure. The better the lure, the bigger the fish.


Value and Substance Should Be Led Into with Intriguing Opening Remarks and CTAs

A lure isn’t substantive. Once you’ve got clients reading your message, you need to provide real facts and data that pertain to their core needs or issues. In the first one or two sentences, validate your title and expand on it. Use the body to clarify your points, and include calls-to-action (CTAs) at the end.


Maximized Email Outreach

An IT marketing strategy which enhances email outreach with substantive value, irresistible design, and accurate market data should see appropriate ROI. Consultation helps avoid trial and error. Find what works for your brand and clientele, and keep up with it as it makes sense to.

Using White Papers to Enhance IT Marketing

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

What Are White Papers?

IT marketing commonly uses what are essentially expositional research papers to give your clients key information pertaining to varying technology issues. The truth is, most of what they need is something only an MSP could do anyway, owing to resources and how technical IT is. Educating prospects helps drive them to you.


How Do You Write a White Paper?

When clients realize even though they know what to do, they can’t do it internally, they consider your products or services. Naturally, you should write white papers with this in mind. Additionally, use the following tactics for best results:


Research, Identify Problems, Provide Solutions

Your IT marketing needs to proceed from clear research that’s cumulative and accurate. Research pain points of clients, use your white paper to show how those problems can be solved.


Be Clear What Your White Paper Is About

Don’t beat around the bush getting to the point. Tell clients what you’re going to talk about, talk about it, then recap at the end. If you can, let the first sentence be an abbreviation of your white paper’s thesis. If you can’t, at least get it out inside the first paragraph.


Carefully Educate Your Audience

Careful audience education is key. You want to give them information they need to understand why you’re worthwhile. You can tell them the “how”, and go into great detail; but if you’re doing that, you should be sure they’re unlikely to employ that information.


Concentrate on What You Know

Don’t break new ground, you’re not writing some thesis for a doctorate. Design white papers around topics that are central to your MSP and simultaneously central to clients. Whatever you’ve got expertise on, write about that.


White Papers Are Worthwhile Marketing

IT marketing teams that design white papers should do so from a position of expertise, carefully educate readers, construct clear white papers, research client pain points, and provide valid solutions. Construct white papers like this, and you should see marketing success from your efforts.

Optimizing Conversion Through IT Marketing Techniques

Monday, September 23rd, 2019

When you’ve got IT marketing that’s effective, it’s going to set salespeople up for more conversions. Marketing is the lure, sales is the reel, and you want a good lure if you want to reel in a big fish.


Answer Critical Questions for Incremental Sustainable Growth

A few points you might want to consider involve a pragmatic examination of your demographic, and the way in which your MSP is perceived by them. Additionally, what do you do with the information you’re able to get? Well, you should apply it strategically. A few more questions to answer include these:


How Many Site Visitors Are Worth Bothering With?

Your IT marketing campaign will produce visitors that may or may not be worthwhile. Some are going to be fundamental to your business’s success, some don’t mean anything. Conduct statistical surveys of site visitors to determine what percentage provide profit over time, who they are and other data pertaining to their interaction with your site. Then, optimize to match that data.


Are You Providing Value on the Website You’re Using to Attract Clients?

Your website needs to provide clients real value. Answer questions you know they’ll have. Respond to pain points. Design white papers that provide exposition into relevant issues. Tactics like these make clients want to visit your site, and even position you as a resource.


In Terms of Multi-Channel Marketing, What Sort of Arrangement Works Best?

Multi-channel marketing is essential to client conversion. Some combinations will work better than others. Consultation with SEO groups specializing in serving MSPs help eliminate some of the “static”. Figure out what works best and keep it up.


Answer the Right Questions to See More Conversions

In your IT marketing, you have to know the best balance of multi-channel marketing, client value, and statistical thresholds of necessary visitors, and you will have information that’s ideal in helping construct more informed and ultimately effective marketing outreach campaigns.

Enhancing Your IT Marketing Outreach Effectiveness

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

IT marketing won’t happen in a vacuum, and the cost involved will be high. You should be seeing ROI, but there are techniques you can use to increase profit while decreasing associated costs.  

Methods of Optimizing Outreach 

If you’re going to see more profit from content, you’ve got to design it in such a way as to produce this outcome. SEO groups are often a key facilitator in MSP success here, several tips they may advise include the following: 


Quality Trumps Quantity Every Time 

IT marketing needs to be qualitative. Lots of it can be good, but if there’s no quality, it’ll just be spam-like noise. Also, if you’ve got stylish content, but there’s nothing worthwhile inside, this usually works against you. 

What you need is value-rich content calibrated toward the audience intended. Provide numbers which vet your claims, and use personal examples of similar businesses which substantively benefit from what your MSP provides. 


Consistent Authenticity is Attractive 

While quality does trump quantity, consistency facilitates quality. If you’re always producing new content regarding tech trends, best practices, and security considerations, you’ll become a pillar of your local tech community. People will look at you as a resource. 

However, this will require that you additionally work toward authenticity in output. You can’t be a resource if your information is fictional or if it’s just filler. Authenticity in fact, sentiment, and presentation will be appreciated by target demographics.  


Extreme Localization and Reviews 

You want to localize as closely as you can inside your community. Additionally, court online reviews and publish them. You may even write reviews for satisfied clients, then ask their authorization for you to publish said reviews on their behalf. People trust reviews from customers over marketing materials from MSPs.  


Optimized Marketing Yields Clients 

An IT marketing campaign deliberately optimized for success should see more success. Localize as close to the community you serve as possible, publish reviews online, be consistently authentic, and produce quality content.  

IT Marketing Strategies That Help Your Small MSP Compete Against Even Enterprise Options

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Your small MSP can compete against enterprise-level corporations. Certainly, you want to hone operational infrastructure using the latest technology, but once you find a centralized effective service option and become the best at it, you’ll be on your way. IT marketing helps you get there.


Marketing Tactics to Position You Against Big Competitors

Usually, larger organizations tend to have a “shotgun” variety approach to marketing. A department store is a great example of this: they have a little bit of everything.

Many big-ticket IT companies are like department store tech options. But just as ma-and-pa shops with specialization compete with department stores, your IT group can compete with “the big dogs”. Here’s how:


Niche Optimization

Your IT marketing needs to be centered on whatever particular service provision defines your operation. What are you best at? Focus on that, advertise that, provide testimonials which demonstrate how good this provision of yours is.


Find an Angle and Stick to It

Niche optimization can help you find an effective outreach angle. You want to resonate with target demographics who reflect your most profitable central clients. Different MSPs will have different angles, even regarding the same services. Find yours and blast it out there.


Strong Customer Service and a Unique, Fulfilling Value Proposition

Big corporations have too many clients to provide careful customer service. Clients become purely statistic at a certain level of success. You can outpace them competitively through better customer service.

A unique value proposition structured around your niche and the angle which defines that niche will additionally facilitate increased operational effectiveness.


Increasing Your Competitive Visibility 

You should emphasize customer service and design value propositions accordingly. Figure out a real angle and stay on it. Find your niche and focus on becoming the best in that particular area. Such IT marketing tactics increase competitive viability.

Public Relations and IT Marketing: A Fundamental Relationship

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

IT marketing has a hand-in-glove relationship with Public Relations (PR). If you’ve got bad PR, then your marketing will almost serve as an amplifying agent negatively. If you’ve got good PR, then the same happens, but in a positive sense.  


Points of PR to Focus On 

The best PR you can get is organically through press releases pertaining to positive community involvement. Several primary areas of positivity transpire from positive PR and additionally represent its direct benefit to your MSP. 



An IT marketing campaign with an effective PR focus will build credibility. People will become familiar with your MSP at the media level. The more times you’re featured in varying media outlets, the more credibility you’ll have. 

That said, remember: publicity and PR aren’t quite the same. Publicity is good, regardless of its flavor. Bad PR can pull the rug out from under you. Good PR builds credibility, bad PR doesn’t.  


Relationship Facilitation Predicates Strategy 

If you’re going to get good PR, you must build a relationship with the people in a position of media output. Additionally, you want to build a relationship with the audience that PR reaches: your community. 

Strategically, you may want to get involved with the chamber of commerce to figure out community events where your MSP could act in a volunteer capacity that naturally encourages some sort of press coverage.  


Stratification of Content Must Reach Multiple Appropriate Channels  

Social media, newspapers, local news on television, radio, billboards, blogs on your website, guest blog posts, and other areas represent notable places to get content heard. Working with SEO groups specializing in MSPs will help you stratify content production in a balanced way that doesn’t have a negative collateral impact on PR. 


Finding Your Balance 

An IT marketing campaign that is built around a stratified content dissemination approach, builds relationships where appropriate, and is credible will produce a positive PR impact. There’s a balance to be achieved here, but you can find it.  

IT Marketing Tips: Telling Stories with Data

Friday, May 31st, 2019

You might look at IT marketing kind of like a story problem from a math class that readers are given the answer to. If customer X has Y bandwidth requirements and Z budget, how can he make a profit? You then fill in the variables with actual data from the service provisions of your MSP.



In doing so, you’ve provided the reader with something they can actually latch onto as they go about deciding what IT to go with. They can plug in their own numbers and work the math similarly, ultimately seeing directly how you provide them value. Consider the following benefits of a data-driven content marketing strategy:


Data-Driven Content Lends More Weight to the Information

An IT marketing strategy which incorporates data-driven content essentially puts your “money” where your “mouth” is. When you can use case studies from existing clients, accurate projections, and cost-benefit analyses to demonstrate the effectiveness of your services, even if clients don’t exactly understand the “how”, they will get the “why”.


Visualization of Metrics Dramatically Communicates Value

What’s more effective: a paragraph describing information or a graph demonstrating it? Generally, a graph. Now content design including data can be an effective visual representation, but if you can get that data in an easy-to-read graph, you’ll double down on effectively communicating your value.


Effective Utility of True Information Positions You as an Authority

Data has to be true to be effective. If it’s not, you’ll rope in a few prospects, but they’ll be miffed and exit with maximum prejudice when they find you to be in error. But if you’re always producing effective content with true data, you will increasingly become an authority.


Data Increases Legitimacy

An IT marketing campaign which helps clients visualize value through accurate data presentation in graphic form defining content should see increased prospect engagement. Ultimately, this should expand conversion rates.

Designing Strategic IT Marketing for Must Sustainable Success

Friday, May 31st, 2019

An IT marketing campaign informed through metrics and known best practices will naturally be more effective. Working with SEO experts can be key, often they’re going to advise some specific tactics toward strategic marketing.


Identifying Effective Strategies

Reinventing the wheel is a waste of time; even if you find an effective design, you’re still behind others who’ve gone before. Straightforward and effective tactics must be employed, and sometimes the oldest methods are the best; like keeping track of your exploits and following a strategic marketing plan. Consider these approaches:


Plan a Marketing Mission with Strategic Objectives

In order to design strategic objectives, you need to know what’s possible and how you’re most likely to achieve such possibilities. You need to line out a marketing mission studded with likely objectives.


Determine Tactics Through Acquiring Market Insights

Your IT marketing needs to be informed by metrics defining your market, existing clients actions, and what sort of tactics are most successful. Market insights will help you know which objectives are most feasible and help you keep from spending time and resources chasing outcomes that, even if achieved, don’t result in ROI.


Implement Strategies, Keep Metrics, Improve, and Keep At It

Once you’ve got strategies that are informed by data, implement them and keep careful metrics on their progress going forward. You will find areas where improvement is a good idea. Apply necessary augmentations as you become aware of their need and be sure you continue with your marketing plan going forward, refining it as you go.


Increased Conversions Are More Likely with Strategic Marketing Tactics

IT marketing teams which implement careful strategies informed by market insights and best practices will likely be more successful. Once your marketing team has implemented strategies, continue to keep numbers on them and improve your outreach as you find new methods of enhancement. Provided you keep this kind of marketing up, you should see continuously expanding ROI.

IT Marketing Strategies to Maximize Content Already Available

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

You can do many things which stretch the power of content in your IT marketing. One of the most effective involves visual re-purposing. Essentially, you can use techniques of the visual variety to double-down on content effectiveness.  


It works like this: take an article that’s already been written, condense it down to factoids, present those in an informational graphic representation, or infographic. Additional visual re-purposing tactics include: 


eBook Design  

IT marketing commonly produces massive quotients of content which go under-utilized. Figure out where there are specific subjects you cover regularly, and put those subjects together in one place under the umbrella of an “eBook”. Essentially, it’s a real book, but digital. You can sell the eBook, or make it available for free. Either way, you can get more mileage out of old content.  


Webinar Presentations 

A webinar can be hosted live and present known best-practices of tech management. There are likely many pieces of content you can bring to bear in the presentation, and if you do it live, you can even answer questions directly in real-time. Once the webinar has been finished, you can re-post the live broadcast at intervals as it suits you, further doubling-down on content maximization.  


SlideShare Presentations 

SlideShare presentations are in many ways the spiritual successor to Microsoft PowerPoint. In fact, most SlideShare presentations use PowerPoint for the creation of slides. The difference is, SlideShare puts the presentations online. This can be useful as a reference point for clients. Additionally, it can facilitate increased visibility.  


YouTube and Instagram Short Presentations 

YouTube and Instagram can be co-opted for short presentations. On Instagram, you’ve got a minute–but you can fit a lot of exposition into a minute. YouTube allows longer presentations, but a video lengthier than five minutes will decline in attention retention, generally. 


Using What You Have 

You can maximize existing materials by re-purposing them through YouTube, Instagram, SlideShare, various webinars, infographics, and design of effective eBooks. Consider what you’ve got and where you’re going, and whether this route makes sense for your IT marketing campaign. 

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