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IT Lead Generation Questions Worth Asking to Determine Effectiveness

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IT Lead Generation Questions Worth Asking to Determine Effectiveness

Saturday, December 15th, 2018

IT lead generation needs to carefully consider metrics pertaining to effectiveness. If you’re exercising a tactic that isn’t producing results, you’re wasting necessary resources. 

Following are several questions you can ask to help you determine whether your lead generation solutions are up to par with operational needs: 


The Third Step in Hiring Is to Ensure Candidates Will Follow up on IT Leads!

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

IT LeadsYou can execute the perfect sales pitch to your IT leads, offer them a competitive rate, and still not close the deal. Oftentimes, the problem lies in a lack of persistence. If your sales team lacks persistence, they will let potential clients slip through their fingers. The best salesmen follow up. Though some sales gurus claim it’s necessary to follow up half a dozen times or more, some instances merely require one or two follow ups in order to make a clear distinction between the merit of your services and those of your competitors. (more…)

Don’t Make Your Readers Wait if You Want to Turn Them into IT leads!

Monday, December 7th, 2015

30579012_sA good portion of our lives is spent waiting for something, it’s a fact: we wait for the school bus at the bus stop; we wait in line a the grocery; we wait for the pizza delivery boy to knock at the door; we wait for the traffic light to turn green; we wait for our marketing campaigns to generate IT leads; we eagerly wait for the weekend to come to get some much needed rest from work, and to spend some quality tie with our kids and spouses; and son and so forth.


Not Taking Advantage of Social Media Can Cost You from Getting More IT Leads!

Monday, July 20th, 2015

social mediaSocial media as a component of online marketing is meant to generate IT leads for your site. However, it needs time to do so and the benefits are not instantaneous. For this reason, some businesses neglect to incorporate it into their marketing campaign. Below are just some reasons why you should take it more seriously. (more…)

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