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The Founder and MSP Sales Director Make the First Time Jump During Attack!

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The Founder and MSP Sales Director Make the First Time Jump During Attack!

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Time machine data tunnelConsequences of Time Travel

“I haven’t had a laugh like that in all the years I’ve been in MSP sales, David!”

“But boss, you went back in time— doesn’t that mean Erdy Michaels hasn’t ransacked your office? Also, I can’t believe all you had to do was pick up the hourglass and talk to it to time travel. Don’t know why I didn’t try that two years ago, before I started eating protein spheres I found in one of the see-through cabinets.” (more…)

Marketing for IT Company Founder Discovers Time Travel Device in Ransacked Office!

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

IT MarketingSands of Time

“Merlin, you coming with me to preserve the marketing for IT my business has been struggling with over the last several months, or are you going to just sit on your duff and play games?” (more…)

Founder of IT Marketing Firm Meets with Renowned Physicist!

Monday, December 26th, 2016

IT MarketingThe Case of The Missing IT Marketing Manager

“Egads, David! How am I supposed to make any IT Marketing leads when you keep disappearing on me! You’re the only marketing manager I’ve got!” Johannes was standing in the middle of his ransacked office at the headquarters of MSP SEO Factory, a premiere marketing agency specializing in online services. “David showed up, then he’s gone, then I find him, then he’s gone just like he said. It’s like there were aliens or a time machine or… I gotta talk to Merlin,” and Johannes turned on his heels and left the office, using a smartphone app to lock the door behind him as he jogged down the stairs. (more…)

The MSP Marketing Wars Force Our Founder to Search for Answers!

Sunday, December 25th, 2016

MSP MarketingThe Mean Streets of MSP Marketing

“You gotta be careful in MSP marketing these days, David,” Johannes said, adjusting a fedora atop a conservative haircut, then popping the collar on his 1930’s noir-type duster, “The landscape’s more cutthroat than a pirate on a carnage binge.”
David, Marketing Director of MSP SEO Factory, stared into rain that fell in sheets and turned the night into a pool of dark and light throbbing in time to the traffic. “How cutthroat?” (more…)

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