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IT Marketing | September 24, 2019

Using White Papers to Enhance IT Marketing

What Are White Papers?

IT marketing commonly uses what are essentially expositional research papers to give your clients key information pertaining to varying technology issues. The truth is, most of what they need is something only an MSP could do anyway, owing to resources and how technical IT is. Educating prospects helps drive them to you.


How Do You Write a White Paper?

When clients realize even though they know what to do, they can’t do it internally, they consider your products or services. Naturally, you should write white papers with this in mind. Additionally, use the following tactics for best results:


Research, Identify Problems, Provide Solutions

Your IT marketing needs to proceed from clear research that’s cumulative and accurate. Research pain points of clients, use your white paper to show how those problems can be solved.


Be Clear What Your White Paper Is About

Don’t beat around the bush getting to the point. Tell clients what you’re going to talk about, talk about it, then recap at the end. If you can, let the first sentence be an abbreviation of your white paper’s thesis. If you can’t, at least get it out inside the first paragraph.


Carefully Educate Your Audience

Careful audience education is key. You want to give them information they need to understand why you’re worthwhile. You can tell them the “how”, and go into great detail; but if you’re doing that, you should be sure they’re unlikely to employ that information.


Concentrate on What You Know

Don’t break new ground, you’re not writing some thesis for a doctorate. Design white papers around topics that are central to your MSP and simultaneously central to clients. Whatever you’ve got expertise on, write about that.


White Papers Are Worthwhile Marketing

IT marketing teams that design white papers should do so from a position of expertise, carefully educate readers, construct clear white papers, research client pain points, and provide valid solutions. Construct white papers like this, and you should see marketing success from your efforts.

IT Marketing | September 23, 2019

Optimizing Conversion Through IT Marketing Techniques

When you’ve got IT marketing that’s effective, it’s going to set salespeople up for more conversions. Marketing is the lure, sales is the reel, and you want a good lure if you want to reel in a big fish.


Answer Critical Questions for Incremental Sustainable Growth

A few points you might want to consider involve a pragmatic examination of your demographic, and the way in which your MSP is perceived by them. Additionally, what do you do with the information you’re able to get? Well, you should apply it strategically. A few more questions to answer include these:


How Many Site Visitors Are Worth Bothering With?

Your IT marketing campaign will produce visitors that may or may not be worthwhile. Some are going to be fundamental to your business’s success, some don’t mean anything. Conduct statistical surveys of site visitors to determine what percentage provide profit over time, who they are and other data pertaining to their interaction with your site. Then, optimize to match that data.


Are You Providing Value on the Website You’re Using to Attract Clients?

Your website needs to provide clients real value. Answer questions you know they’ll have. Respond to pain points. Design white papers that provide exposition into relevant issues. Tactics like these make clients want to visit your site, and even position you as a resource.


In Terms of Multi-Channel Marketing, What Sort of Arrangement Works Best?

Multi-channel marketing is essential to client conversion. Some combinations will work better than others. Consultation with SEO groups specializing in serving MSPs help eliminate some of the “static”. Figure out what works best and keep it up.


Answer the Right Questions to See More Conversions

In your IT marketing, you have to know the best balance of multi-channel marketing, client value, and statistical thresholds of necessary visitors, and you will have information that’s ideal in helping construct more informed and ultimately effective marketing outreach campaigns.

MSP Marketing | September 16, 2019

MSP Marketing Tactics to Help You Handle Social Media Crises

Your MSP marketing department needs to understand how to manipulate outreach in a positive way and handle fallout from marketing disasters. This isn’t going to happen incidentally, it will require direct, strategic effort.


Social Media Crisis Protocols

Working with SEO groups which regularly provide ROI-rich marketing for MSPs helps you avoid trial-and-error in developing crisis response protocols. Such groups are likely going to advise you use tactics like these during such events:


  • Develop a means of sorting issues
  • Directly address associated fallout
  • Put together “quick win” options from known-effective solutions


Develop a Means of Sorting Issues

Your MSP marketing team needs to understand how to sort social media issues. Sometimes you’re dealing with something big, sometimes you’re not. For example, a bad review of services should predicate direct response. If you can’t reach a resolution, bury the bad review under a pile of good ones to keep it from impacting you.

However, that’s a lot different than some PR disaster where an ad from your outreach campaign is turned into an offensive meme, or something similar. Such a situation may predicate a total shift in marketing strategy. Know how to sort issues to understand which way to go.


Directly Address Associated Fallout

When you’ve got true fallout from an issue, address it as directly and comprehensibly as it’s feasible to. Think “damage control”. You’ve got to put the fires out, or they’ll keep burning up social media until your whole MSP is compromised.


Put Together “Quick Win” Options from Known-Effective Solutions

When you successfully handle PR disasters on social media, note what you did so you can handle similar issues quickly in the future. This is the “quick win” strategy, and it can be integral in helping you learn from and contend with social media disasters.


Bouncing Back from Bad Social Media

An MSP marketing campaign which follows “quick win” social media management strategies, directly addresses negative fallout and determines the best way to manage diverse issues should have expanded security in the face of unexpected online PR disasters.

MSP Marketing | September 8, 2019

MSP Marketing Tactics for Customer Interviews to Help You Reach Key Objectives

MSP marketing can learn a lot from metrics, but it can learn more from direct inquiry. Think of it this way: if an advanced society left high technology to a low-technology people, reverse-engineering that high technology would be harder for them than simply getting the blueprints from the high-tech nation.

Metrics are the same. You can deduce clientele needs through metrics or you can ask them key questions which help shed light on key issues. Using both in proper balance also makes sense, but just outright asking clients the right questions represents a great “shortcut.” With that in mind, following considerations should inform client interviews:


Determine Needs of Clientele

MSP marketing needs to set up interviews that are properly intensive. When they’re deep enough, such interviews can help your MSP figure out the answers to questions involving the experience of clients, where their pain points are, what works for them, what doesn’t, where they’re confused, and countless other points of this kind.

Offer incentives to help secure interviews and be sure you identify the right people; there’s no use quizzing an intern down in most scenarios. But a client’s CIO could give you a lot of data.


The Value of an Unbiased Third Party

Working with SEO groups that help MSPs assists you in either conducting interviews or finding qualified third parties to do so. Accordingly, you avoid your own bias, discovering insights into operations invisible otherwise.


Segmentation of Clients, Effective Questions

Separate clients into categories for best data collection. Consultation is again worth pursuing to determine which questions will be the most effectively illustrative.


Data-Supported Optimization

MSP marketing helps you reach more clients and make yourself more attractive to potential clients through conducting interviews that reveal clientele needs. Segmenting clients, asking the right questions, seeking consultation, and incorporating third-party interviewers all represent excellent means of maximizing interviews.

MSP Company | August 29, 2019

How to Effectively Position Your MSP Company

An MSP company has to reach the right people to stay in business. You’ve got to have an aggressive marketing campaign that doesn’t come across as pushy but does follow up every possible avenue of clientele acquisition. There are some methods here that will work better than others.

At the basic level, when you’re getting started on SEO and online blogging, as well as other marketing tactics, there are a few things you want to be sure you do. Here are three tips that will help get you started:


Determine Marketing Aims and Who You Need to Reach

Your MSP company must first figure out what goals are, what’s realistic, what sort of budget you have, and what other similar businesses have been able to accomplish. Once you’ve found answers, figure out who you’re targeting. What’s your share of the local demographics and are there any remote opportunities that could yield profit?


Figure Out What Their Digital Stomping Grounds are and Build a Presence There

Now that you know what you want to do, and who you’re targeting, next you’ve got to find them online. What sort of sites do they visit; how long do they dwell there? Working with SEO groups that commonly provide SEO solutions for MSPs can save you a lot of trial and error here.


Consider What You Must Communicate and What Clientele Want to Hear: Pain Point Resolution

The content you put in front of target clientele should provide solutions to issues they commonly contend with. Sometimes those solutions involve information, sometimes they involve products or services you provide. These things are what clients want to hear, but you’ve also got to ensure you impart the messages you intend to in content. There’s a balance.


Savvy Marketing

An MSP company should know what to say, who it wants to say it to, what clients want to hear, where they are online, and what realistic goals should be used tie all these things together. Starting out your SEO marketing campaign this way has much to recommend it.

MSP blog | August 22, 2019

The Value of Carefully Developing, Maintaining, and Curating Your MSP Blog

An MSP blog needs to be properly managed such that it is curated for contemporary applicability, developed toward maximum positive SEO impact, and maintained strategically in a continuous way. Working with SEO groups that provide MSP solutions specifically can be a good way to go on this. Get the balance right and you can expect some notable benefits:


An Increase in Traffic

An MSP blog will expand your traffic. The better you manage it, the more traffic you’ll get. Make entries relevant, supported by data, and answering clientele pain points. Additionally, cover a variety of topics, and go in-depth. As you do this, you’ll expand your digital footprint, and gradually become a resource which is established in the mind of your demographic. When they do need services, you’ll be the first they think of.


Solid PR in a Straightforward Way

Because you’re building up a data repository, you’re becoming a local authority in the field. This makes you look good from a PR angle. In terms of public relations, providing knowledge constitutes a sort of public service. Though this naturally serves to send prospects to you for conversion, it also does provide something for the community at large— and that looks good in terms of professional PR.


Personal Connection and Employee Involvement

Working with employees will help determine relevant topics and inform them with real-world examples directly applicable to target demographics. This incidentally fosters personal connection between clientele and your business, as well as management and personnel. Involving employees is wise for content production, and as an added bonus makes your team more cohesive.


Maximizing Your Online Footprint Through a Blog

Running a solid MSP blog can foster personal connection, employee involvement, provide solid PR naturally, and facilitate an increase in traffic. These things require you to properly manage your blog, but provided you do so, regularly adding to it over time, you should definitely see some level of ROI.

Managed Services Marketing | August 15, 2019

Documenting Content Can Strengthen Your Managed Services Marketing Outreach Strategy

Managed services marketing will be more effective with statistically-optimized tactics based on real numbers. Documentation is a key means of helping your business determine what to watch and what to augment.  


Advantages of Documentation  

Documenting your content strategy has a lot of different advantages. It’s one of many reasons top-tier SEO groups which provide MSP businesses with marketing solutions advise this practice. Several notable advantages include: 


Better Internal Organization 

Managed services marketing will be more organized internally through documentation. You can keep metrics pertaining to frequency of content creation, distribution, and its overall effectiveness in varying markets. You can determine which content streams produce the most positive results and increase the “surface area” of that content distribution by creating more.  


Streamlined Internal Collaboration 

Sales, marketing, customer service, and on-site tech support often function as separate departments inside an MSP. Altogether, this increases operational cost over time through miscommunication and associated fallout. A better way to do things is through alignment of departments toward a common goal. 

This is something easier to conceive than achieve, but with proper documentation, you’ll be able to identify trends in between departments. What’s going wrong can be stopped and you can monitor the results of augmented operational strategy going forward.  


Prevention of Ineffective Outreach Tactics 

Some outreach tactics just don’t do anything for your MSP; essentially, you’re throwing money at the wind. Documentation reveals which content outreach strategies produce fruit and which ones are ultimately a dead end. Sometimes a technique worked very good for a few years then quit entirely, sometimes it never worked at all. Documentation reveals the truth of these things.  


Optimizing Conversion Rates Through Effective Documentation 

Managed services marketing will be more effective through documentation. Done properly, this prevents ineffective outreach, streamlines internal collaboration, and ultimately yields better overall operations. The more organized your content outreach is, the more likely it is to resonate with your clients.  

Ensuring Your MSP Business Uses the Most Effective Local SEO Strategies

Localized Results are More Effective

If you do a search for an MSP business and some operation from Canada pops up, will you drive across the border? If customers can’t locally find your MSP, you’ll get less ROI from SEO. For some things, locality isn’t important; but for many businesses, SEO that optimizes based on locality is going to be one of the most important first SEO steps you can make.


Maximizing Local SEO Impact 

Include the name of your city, your state, and the services your MSP provides in online content. Additionally, you want Google to recognize you. Well, most businesses do, anyway. Google has something called a Google My Business (GMB) listing. This is the sort of profile that populates when you search for somewhere and a point on a map is returned to you by the search engine.


Be Sure to Claim Your Search Engine Listing

An MSP business should be sure to first claim their GMB and other search engine listings from appropriate sites. If you don’t do it, a competitor or similarly named business could.


Fill Out Your Listing to The Fullest Extent

Once you’ve got the listing, fill it out to the fullest possible extent in every category. Put down addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses that are applicable. Include a plethora of photos, and video if you can. Fill that profile to the max.


Carefully Maintain Your Listing: Update It and Solicit Reviews

When the listing is up, keep it updated with any relevant changes. Ask satisfied customers to go there and leave reviews, offering them discounts, free services, or other incentives.


Successfully Expanding Online Visibility Locally

An MSP business that reserves search engine listings, fully fills them out, and solicits reviews appropriately should see an increase in traffic and conversions among clientele. If your MSP has yet to claim its listing, it’s something worth taking care of.

MSP Company, Uncategorized | August 14, 2019

Social Media Tips Your MSP Company Can Use to Source Skilled Personnel

An MSP company should have the best possible personnel making up its operational team. Finding skilled tech, customer care, and salespeople is difficult today. It’s a competitive market and there are more positions than candidates in many regions. You’ve got to have a competitive edge to find the right people.  

There are best practices to consider as you go about securing personnel. Certainly, basic employee acquisition practices like mass interviews and local listings can be worthwhile. Additionally, consider these tips: 


Involve Existing Employees in The Social Media Hunt 

An MSP company is going to have a few employees that have friends appropriate to vacant positions. When you’ve got to hire somebody, send out a memo, or have a meeting where you ask for some submission suggestions. You still have to screen the options brought to you, but this can have a collateral benefit in terms of team morale should you hire a friend of an employee.  


On Social Media, Be as Responsive as Feasibly Possible 

Whenever anyone interacts with your social media profiles or sends a message, it’s integral that you respond as fast as you can. You should have someone manage social media accounts who stays on top of them. Applicants who are qualified are going to reach out to multiple MSPs for employment simultaneously, and likely follow the path of least resistance. If you can get back to them quick, you make it easy for them.  


Clearly Demonstrate What Sets Your MSP Apart from Others 

Your MSP has features that are unique to it. In terms of service provision, company mission, and operational conduct throughout the day-to-day, there’s no MSP like you. Focus on your good qualities and make those visible to prospective personnel.  


Getting the Right People 

Your MSP company will likely have more success finding the right personnel if it clearly distinguishes itself from other MSPs, responds quickly on social media, and brings existing personnel into the employee hunt. 

Managed Services Marketing Tactics to Marry Social Media and Email Marketing

Fully Utilizing the Digital Tools Available to You

Your managed services marketing will certainly be more effective should it make full use of available tools. Oftentimes, IT marketers lean on either email or social media but don’t properly fulfill the potentiality for either. However, both can be complementary, working to “charge” each other up in terms of outreach and impact.


Leveraging Social Media and Email Toward Increased Conversion


There are best practices which can help you see more impact for less expense in terms of outreach. SEO groups that have an emphasis on clients of the MSP variety can be quite helpful here. They will likely endorse tactics such as:


  • Email and social media are symbiotically distinct
  • Put social media in emails and email addresses on social media
  • Leverage social media profiles toward the creation of valid email lists


Email and Social Media are Symbiotically Distinct


Managed services marketing needs to respect that email and social media feed into one another. On whales, there are fish that eat microorganisms which would otherwise turn into health-threatening factors leaching off the whale.


The little fish eat these organisms, and so keep the whale healthy. It’s a win-win for both. Email and social media are quite similar. Through email, you can get more serious interaction with prospective clientele, and through social media, you can obtain contact information.


Put Social Media in Emails and Email Addresses on Social Media


When you send an email, be it an automated message manifested through CRM software or part of an ongoing conversation thread, include social media links in your closing salutation. For social media, put your email on your social media profile.


Leverage Social Media Profiles Toward the Creation of Valid Email Lists


You can endorse your MSP through social media by offering incentives or discounts for those who provide you their email address. Put your email front-and-center on social media and invite clients to give you theirs through incentive.


Maximizing Email and Social Media


Managed services marketing which creates email lists through social media, endorses social media through emails (and vice versa), and fosters symbiosis between these digital communication avenues should see increased positive impact on clientele in terms of conversion.

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