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IT Marketing | December 8, 2018

IT Marketing Spread Requires Balance

IT marketing spread can be too little or too much. It’s almost as bad to oversaturate as it is to undersaturate. The only saving grace of too much outreach is that you increase your footprint, expanding clientele awareness. However, this puts you in danger of being spread too thin. Following are a few signs to help you know which way to go in terms of your present spread:


Unclear or Invisible End Goals

Your IT marketing needs to have specificity. If you’re just firing marketing bullets into the economic ether, you might incidentally hit something, but you’re going to waste a lot of outreach ammunition. Know what you’re aiming for, and keep shooting until you hit your targets. Granted, you want end goals that are realistic. You’ll be able to better assess such qualities as you progress forward. Additionally, working with an established SEO agency which has an emphasis on MSPs can help save you a lot of trouble here.


Sales and Marketing Conflict

Sometimes, sales are telling prospect something which conflicts with the marketing message they received. You don’t want any conflict. This makes your company look unreliable, and it’s a great way to have multiple fruitless arguments with customers. Ensure sales and marketing are always operating in alignment with one another.


Affordable Present-Tense Losses

Marketing is like athletic ability. If you quit working out, there go your muscles. When it comes to outreach, if you’re strong enough to afford losses to competition, you’re in decline. As marketing is successful, you’ve got to upgrade outreach accordingly. Your business is metaphysically speaking an obligate ram ventilator. Great white sharks are in reality–if they don’t swim, they can’t breathe, and they die. If you don’t continue to increase your profitability over time, your business will stagnate and ultimately implode.


Optimized Outreach

An IT marketing strategy that expands marketing spread with growth, aligns sales and marketing departments, and establishes clear goals is more likely to be sustainable in the long term.

MSP Marketing Tactics to Help Source and Convert Target Prospects

MSP marketing requires an approach pursuing outreach from multiple angles. A good way to think about it might be through exploring a brief fishing analogy. If you’ve got multiple fishing lines out there, maybe one line will get a bite, and one won’t. It’s the same with marketing. 

Multiple outreach strategies are more likely to get a bite than just one. With that in mind, if you’re going to catch the clients you’re after, you’ll want a diverse approach; but you’ve also got to strengthen your lines so you can handle larger catches. Following are ways to simultaneously strengthen and diversify:  


Research, Research, Research 

MSP marketing requires an informed approach. You won’t catch any fish in a pool. A pond is better, but a lake has larger fish, in a sea, they get bigger. 

Research where the schools of your demographic fish reside, and inform outreach by calibrating it to match their economic habitat. The more you research, the more you learn about where and how to pursue your target demographic, allowing you to inform, strengthen, and diversify your approach. 


Facilitate Content Consistency 

Your content is much like the bait used to bring fish in. It’s integral that you optimize content and provide a consistent supply that is diverse enough to remain interesting and readily available. Working with SEO agencies which specialize in MSPs can help you get the best “bait”, as it were. You can source it internally, but they’ll have greater resources in most cases. 


Continuously Optimize, Employ Multi-Channel Marketing 

It’s integral that your IT business always optimizes outreach approaches to match data you’ve researched concerning that which is most effective as regards your demographic. You want to branch out as possible. Mobile solutions, visual marketing, infographics, and content creation are all considerable. 


A Better Catch 

Strengthen outreach lines and diversify. An MSP marketing campaign that is designed for consistent, well-researched multi-channel outreach will likely yield a better clientele “catch”. 

MSP Business | December 6, 2018

An MSP Business That’s Focused on Customer Experience Will Facilitate Sales

Your MSP business stands to see some distinct advantages from a customer-centered sales experience. This should be the default in any case, but it isn’t always. Oftentimes, the company needs sideline customer handling protocols, and this can incidentally damage operations. Following are three notable advantages of a sales strategy incorporating strong customer service elements:  


Good Customer Experience Yields Word of Mouth Referral 

Your MSP business should ideally facilitate referral organically through good service. When clients like what you’ve done for them, they’re likely going to spread that information. The better you assist them in fulfilling their needs, the more likely they are to advocate on your behalf of their own volition. This is much more convincing to potential prospects than should you “sing your own praises,” as the saying goes.  


Customer Experience Builds Relationship and Facilitates Trust 

When clients can trust in the services you provide, they can build a relationship with you. Conversely, going about clientele interactions in a way that deliberately builds relationship over selling ends up facilitating conversion. Trust and relationship go hand in hand, customer experience facilitates both, leading to a sale. 


You Must Enable Your Staff for Good Customer Care— It’s A Win-Win 

For your team to serve clientele, it becomes integral you give them the tools necessary. If you treat your employees bad, they’ll be resentful and that will trickle down to interactions with clients. Good customer experience comes from proper personnel treatment, yet this yields greater profit over time. So, take care of your staff and, in turn, they’ll take care of your business by generally being amiable around clientele. It’s like a positive feedback loop.  

An MSP business stands to benefit from focusing on providing a good customer experience. Satisfied clients will sing your praises of their own accord, you’ll likely build relationships with clientele, and staff stands to be more satisfied as well. 

MSP Marketing Trends Worth Considering for the Future

MSP marketing is transforming in a technology environment embracing decentralized internet and expanding mobile tech usage. Cloud computing solutions, IoT, edge computing— all these things are redefining modern society. This happens through increased data availability and applied outreach/management tactics. Accordingly, there are several trends you might want to look into: 

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MSP Sales | December 5, 2018

For MSP Sales to Be ‘Pitch Perfect’, You Need to Know When It’s Appropriate to Pitch

MSP sales pitches should not be foisted on every potential customer who walks through your MSP’s doors. The sales pitch should be well considered and presented with information attuned to your target. 

Pitching to everybody is firing shotgun rounds in the dark. You might hit something, but you’ll probably just waste ammunition. Following, tips will be explored to help you determine the best time to pitch:  


Learn to Know Where Prospects Are First  

MSP sales aren’t precognitive. In order to know where clients are coming from, you must collect data on them. This takes time, you’ll need to ask questions. Sometimes prospects are more qualified, sometimes they’re less qualified–something you will find out by getting to know them. 


Lead Qualification Maximizes Outreach Effectiveness 

As you get to know prospects, certain features of their present circumstances will doubtless jump out at you. Some of these will be things that exclude you from being a viable option. Sometimes, lead qualification reveals an ideal prospect just waiting to be wooed by your technology. Establish lead qualification measures utilizing the best data you have available, as well as that provided through SEO agencies specializing in MSP outreach solutions. 


Sometimes Pain Points Develop Independent of Need 

A prospect can have tech pain points that don’t qualify them for your services. There are no monochrome lead features which automatically pre-qualify them for a legitimate pitch. Sometimes, prospects just need help with something and came to you incidentally. If you can help them at that point, they may come to you later for a sale. But if you pitch them, they’ll think you’re less human and only profit-oriented. Such qualities discourage conversion. 


Pitching at the Right Time 

An MSP sales strategy that prequalifies leads will take a conscientious approach. Such an approach is more likely to initiate conversion than unilaterally pitching to anyone that interfaces with your operation. 

MSP Marketing Strategies to Facilitate Client Interest 

Your MSP marketing team will have less difficulty converting prospects if prospects come to you from the start. Following are a few techniques to help you see this outcome: 


Always Mix It Up 

Your MSP marketing process can get stale if you’re always doing exactly the same thing. You need to mix things up. You can say the same thing in different ways. As new means of outreach develop, you would additionally benefit from their employment. Use smartphones, use content that’s text-based, pictorial, and visual. Work with SEO groups which have a specialty helping MSPs, and put the latest techniques into practice. Mix it up. 


Listen to Those Who Watch You 

Your audience always has an opinion. Now, granted, there is such a thing as a heckler in a crowd. Be conscientious in your evaluation of criticism from without, as some will definitely not be valid; but much will. You can’t screen it all. Just be careful to screen using common sense so that some underhanded ex-client with a vendetta or some sabotage-oriented competitor doesn’t get the better of you.  


Provide Precise and Human Explanation  

You need to tell clients exactly what you do, how you do it, why what you do is valuable, and how it will affect them. Use human terms, not tech terms. Tech terms are for engineers and tech insiders, not for your clientele. It’s beneficial in drawing clients in that you design value propositions which resonate with your target demographic. Every MSP has something at which they excel over competitors. Identify this quality throughout your company, and bring it to the table in your outreach materials. 


A More Well-Rounded Marketing Approach 

MSP marketing can be complex, but you can make it more effective. Be precise and human in your service explanations and value proposition. Listen to clientele so you can hear what they want and need, and respond appropriately. Lastly, make sure you always mix things up. People like seeing variety! 

MSP Sales Strategies to Expand Growth Without Tiring Sellers

MSP sales strategies won’t be successful no matter how in-depth or well-informed if they overstress outreach teams. Like horses in battle or ships on the sea, there are times when they must rest. Horses need sleep and food, naval ships need time in-harbor for repair and fuel. Meanwhile, MSP professionals selling your IT services need to be managed such that they aren’t being stretched too thin. This will increase their effectiveness and your operational sustainability over time. Several strategies to help induce such outcomes include: 


Cut the Fat from Selling Protocols 

MSP sales should be informed by a strategic approach that excises anything unnecessary. If you’ve got some call flow with a bunch of counter-intuitive asks and promotions, get rid of it. Unless you’re some international conglomerate whose name is synonymous with IT service, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. 

You want the shortest distance between the client’s initial interest and their conversion. Figure out what is fundamentally necessary, and cut everything else out. You want metrics to make the proper choices here, working with SEO agencies which specialize in MSPs can give you a real edge through helping you identify and utilize relevant data. 


Messages Calibrated for Specific Targets 

The more specific your aim, the more precise your outreach ballistics will be. A shotgun fires a hundred BBs at a nearby target, but it’s bad for the livestock sprinting in the distance. Sometimes marketing tactics at a convention are different than those on the web. Use data to design any outreach, digital, physical, or through snail mail such that it is most likely to resonate with target clientele.  


Establishing Lead-Ranking Infrastructure 

Don’t send your sellers down blind alleys. Tier outreach protocols such that better leads get priority, and you’ll keep salespeople more energized as they acquire conversions. 


Stronger Sellers 

MSP sales techniques that trim the fat, calibrate outreach, and rank leads will give sellers a better chance at success. Consider existing protocols and optimize as it’s appropriate.  

Managed Services Marketing Review Strategies

Your managed services marketing profile will require protocols pertaining to reviews. You’ll want to respond the right way in order to counter-balance bad reviews, encourage good ones, and acquire more reviews as necessary. The three primary perspectives you’ll need to design response protocols for in this regard include:

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MSP Sales | December 4, 2018

Techniques to Help You Close More MSP Sales

MSP sales are going to be more successful if you plan them out beforehand— almost anything will be. Like so much in life, such forethought is easier to conceive than it is to enact. 

Following are a few tips to help you most successfully plan out interactions with prospects, ideally leading to an increase in your conversion metrics: 


Establish an Effective Value Proposition 

MSP sales techniques should be built around a value proposition which objectively provides the majority of prospects in your target market with tangible value. 

Now that value can be in terms of increased revenue over time, decreased processing hassle, or better public image— in short, it can be from a number of diverse angles. The key to a successful value proposition is one which emphasizes that which you can do better than the competition.  


Understand Who Makes the Calls from the Start 

With a clear value proposition, your next step is to avoid pitching unnecessarily. You want your proposition to go to the person who has the authority to induct your services. 

You don’t want to give a proposition to a secretary to abbreviate for her boss; her shorthand likely won’t communicate the value you intend. Know who makes the decisions and how, and angle your value proposition accordingly.  


Banish Desperation; Advise, Understand, and Challenge Prospects Instead 

Don’t be desperate. Desperation equates to inexperience in the eyes of many clients. You’re a trusted adviser— think of yourself this way. Your role is to challenge prospects and understand them from within and without well enough to know what will challenge them, and whether such challenges will yield value. 

MSP sales strategies that aren’t desperate, but advise, challenge, and understand clients, are apt to be more effective. Additionally, ensure you’ve got an airtight value proposition and that you present that proposition to the right person among your prospect’s ranks. 

Designing an IT Marketing Campaign That Meets Clientele at Every Stage of the Sales Cycle

It’s useful for those in IT marketing to design content around the sales cycle. There are many groups that specialize in both SEO and providing such solutions for MSPs. They can be instrumental in helping you design content for each stage. The six stages are: 

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