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MSP Business | March 1, 2021

How MSP Businesses Can Use Video Marketing to Amplify Their Brand Voice

MSP business

Marketers and consumers who pay close attention to the information published on the web are well aware of the fact that video content is on the rise in recent years. Nearly every single business and marketer who relies on video content uses it again in subsequent years. The bottom line is video marketing works, especially when the goal is to amplify the MSP business brand voice. However, the manner in which video is used makes all the difference in the world. Below, we provide a quick look at the merits of video to enhance your brand’s voice and connect to that many more clients, ultimately making a lasting impression that leads to conversions.

Video Content Must Prove Engaging

Above all, video content has to engage the target audience. Positioning video content at the optimal position at the right moment in time guarantees it reaches the audience to make the intended impact. Though written content presented in an artful manner is certainly important for educational purposes, the written word combined with embedded video heightens engagement all the more.

Focus on Quality, as Opposed to Quantity

It is a mistake to load up the entirety of your MSP business’s online content with embedded videos. Start out slow, adding high-quality video to your online content in a highly strategic manner. Use the video formats/qualities optimal for each individual platform, zero in on the strategic placement of videos within the content and you will maximize their impact.

Use Video to Tell a Story

Viewers respond to stories with a beginning, middle, and an end. Furthermore, a story that features a relatable individual will prove that much more engaging. Video that tells the story of your business or a consumer you serve will engage the audience all the more, dramatically increasing the chances of converting them into paying clients at the bottom of the metaphorical sales funnel.

Video Narratives

Use video to communicate a narrative to the target audience, and the information presented will make a truly lasting impact. Share information about your services and value offerings through compelling narratives presented in video form. Narratives are also useful for touting discounts, product creation processes and additional information that intrigues the audience. The moral of the story is people identify with narratives they can relate to. As long as your narratives presented in video form strike a chord with your target audience, they will make an indelible impression that spikes conversions.

Don’t be Intimidated by Video

If you are like most professionals, you have not had the time to learn about the subtleties of online video content. However, the many different video platforms available make it quite easy to embed videos in online content including banner ads. Experiment with video at your MSP business, find the platform best for your needs, and you will agree this medium amplifies your brand voice all the more.

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