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MSP Company | December 10, 2019

How to Perform a UX Audit for Your MSP Company

Always looking at ways to improve the user experience is essential for an MSP company. Failure to improve the user experience will inevitably cause you to lose clients to your competition. However, performing a UX audit on a routine basis is a great way to rise above all your competitors and help your IT company reach as many clients as possible.

Here are three ways to perform a UX audit for your IT company:


#1 Define the Scope

One of the first steps in creating a UX audit is to define the scope. Setting a limit on the audit is key in maintaining productivity and avoiding costly scope creep due to a never-ending audit. Creating clear parameters is key to setting up an audit that is easy to understand and make future changes.


#2 Choose Your Auditing Tools

The next key step in creating a UX audit for your MSP company is to choose your auditing tools. Many tools are available to use, such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights, BrowswerShots, or CheckMyColours. These auditing tools provide helpful information that can help you identify areas of improvement that can enhance the user experience for each customer.


#3 Ask for Feedback

Gaining feedback from your existing clients is one of the most effective ways to improve the user experience. You can segment client feedback in a variety of ways, such as the length of the relationship and your history with each customer. You can also sort potential areas of improvement by cost, ease, and urgency. All this information is highly valuable and can play a big role in helping you determine which areas to focus on improving the user experience.



Performing a user experience audit is critical to the success of an MSP company. Defining the scope, using auditing tools, and asking for feedback are important aspects of creating an effective audit for your company. Continually looking at more ways to improve and never remaining satisfied is one of the main keys to a successful IT company.

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