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Uncategorized | November 20, 2019

IT Marketing Strategy: Customer Segmentation

One of the keys to successful IT marketing is getting to know your customers better. One of the best ways to understand your clients better is through customer segmentation. The use of customer segmentation allows you to divide your customers into various groups to better meet their individual needs. Customer segmentation includes three distinct classifications to help you organize your consumer base by their general characteristics, needs, and value.


  1. A Priori

A priori is a simple segmentation that includes a range of general characteristics. These traits typically include gender, age, engagement medium, and income level. A priori segmentation is the most basic level of information that gives you a general overview of your customers.


  1. Needs-Based

Needs-based is another category of customer segmentation that uses information gathered through your IT marketing research to divide clients based on their needs. Needs-based is much more sophisticated compared to a priori and can help you better understand the relationship between your customer and business.


  1. Value-Based

Value-based segmentation divides clients by their overall value. This includes harvesting data from client interactions over an extended period of time. Value-based segmentation isn’t limited to value, but also includes the strategic value of the customer to your IT company.


Looking for ways to improve your IT marketing is essential for your MSP. Customer segmentation plays a key role in helping your IT company unlock its full potential by helping you to learn more about each one of your clients. The needs of customers are always changing, so it is critical for you to continue to learn and never remain satisfied with the status quo. Customer segmentation allows you to gain a better understanding of your customers, enabling you to best meet their needs.

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