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IT Marketing | September 24, 2019

Using White Papers to Enhance IT Marketing

What Are White Papers?

IT marketing commonly uses what are essentially expositional research papers to give your clients key information pertaining to varying technology issues. The truth is, most of what they need is something only an MSP could do anyway, owing to resources and how technical IT is. Educating prospects helps drive them to you.


How Do You Write a White Paper?

When clients realize even though they know what to do, they can’t do it internally, they consider your products or services. Naturally, you should write white papers with this in mind. Additionally, use the following tactics for best results:


Research, Identify Problems, Provide Solutions

Your IT marketing needs to proceed from clear research that’s cumulative and accurate. Research pain points of clients, use your white paper to show how those problems can be solved.


Be Clear What Your White Paper Is About

Don’t beat around the bush getting to the point. Tell clients what you’re going to talk about, talk about it, then recap at the end. If you can, let the first sentence be an abbreviation of your white paper’s thesis. If you can’t, at least get it out inside the first paragraph.


Carefully Educate Your Audience

Careful audience education is key. You want to give them information they need to understand why you’re worthwhile. You can tell them the “how”, and go into great detail; but if you’re doing that, you should be sure they’re unlikely to employ that information.


Concentrate on What You Know

Don’t break new ground, you’re not writing some thesis for a doctorate. Design white papers around topics that are central to your MSP and simultaneously central to clients. Whatever you’ve got expertise on, write about that.


White Papers Are Worthwhile Marketing

IT marketing teams that design white papers should do so from a position of expertise, carefully educate readers, construct clear white papers, research client pain points, and provide valid solutions. Construct white papers like this, and you should see marketing success from your efforts.

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