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MSP Sales | July 30, 2019

Tips to Help Your MSP Sales Set Conversion Value

MSP sales strategies need to take predictive tactics into advisement. Sometimes that which appears to be a big deal ends up being nothing, and that which seemed inconsequential snowballs into a client relationship that lasts for decades.

There are data indicators which help clear the “fog,” making clear which prospective clients to focus on. The value of conversion will give you the information you need to determine what sort of resources should be expended. Consider these tips in helping determine conversion value:


Know All Touchpoints Through Your Sales Cycle

MSP sales cycles are longer than many other businesses. The sales journey of clients can take months or years. You need to capture all data you can from all touchpoints in this sales “journey.”

When you get their initial information, when you touch base with them, when you sit down for pitch meetings; all touch points must be represented. There is an associated cost in touchpoints and collecting that data, and this will play into what a conversion is worth.


Put Data Together in a Way Providing an Ideal Client Journey

You want to use collected data to facilitate the easiest conversion for clients. Like a dance, the more you practice and enhance, the more optimal a client journey becomes, ultimately increasing your margin of conversions from a given lead pool.


Integrate and Analyze Data Pertaining to the Realization of Goals

Once you’ve acquired new clients and realized your goals, you need to tabulate what level of profit you attain from them over time. This information combined with your monitoring of their trek along the sales journey helps determine the true value of conversion.


Proceeding from Proper Understanding of Value

MSP sales conversion is fundamental and understanding its value through analyzation of data related to goals, facilitation of ideal client journeys, and maximization of touch point information helps provide you information to exactly determine conversion value.

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