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MSP Sales | June 25, 2019

MSP Sales Prospects Treated Like Humans Are More Likely to Respond

MSP sales teams need to understand where their target demographics are coming from. For the most part, it has little to do with technology. They’re not going to understand content that purely emphasizes the technological profoundness of your provisions. But how that relates to them, that’s something they can resonate with. 


Tips Toward Humanization of Outreach 

If you’re going to resonate with clients, you need to know what they’re looking for. You need to do research that produces metrics which demonstrate client focus. Consider these approaches: 


Foster a Connection 

Your MSP sales team needs to work on building a connection with clients. The more effective the connection, the greater the likelihood of conversion. Fostering a connection will have a lot to do with whether you have a unique value proposition. That proposition should solve a pain point your target market has.  


Hear What Prospects Are Saying 

Your clients have opinions. Some of them are totally uninformed. Some of them may alert you to trends you couldn’t notice otherwise. Listening to what your prospects say will help you understand where they’re coming from and how you can reach them on your level. 

This humanizes you quite a bit. Additionally, it shows that you’re engaged and active among the community you serve. This can make you more competitively viable than competitors who only focus on products or services they provide.  


Solve the Problems They Wrestle With 

Show how you’ve fixed the issues of existing clients. Show where they were and where they are. If you’ve got testimonials, post them. If you don’t, seek them. 

Incentives for existing clients can help them provide you with such testimonials. When you can show prospects you solve their problems through other companies who have seen such fixes, that’s compelling.  


Humanized Outreach Increases Conversions 

When your MSP sales team humanizes output through clear problem resolution, a listening ear, and the fostering of human connection, there’s a much higher likelihood of achieving market resonance.  

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