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MSP Company | May 23, 2019

Simple Tips to Make the Content of Your MSP Company More Readable 

Your MSP company would do well to take that old advice: don’t kick against the goads. What are goads today? Well, technology is one. People hardly read books anymore, and online content written as though it were part of a novel or history reference book isn’t as likely to be read, especially in English. You need to use content design paradigms which are better-realized.  


Design Tricks to Facilitate Readability 

Content, voice, relevance, and timing of deployment are factors which make content more or less likely to be read. Additionally, its inherent structure should be taken into account. Following are a few design tips SEO groups often advocate: 


Use the Right Levels of White Space, Use Compelling Titles and Subheadings 

Your MSP company needs to separate information with white space. Don’t be afraid of just one line. The truth is, white space makes it easier for the eye to scan through the content. It makes it more likely that readers will continue to examine what you’re talking about; doing so is comfortable.  

Subheadings will additionally draw readers to retain their engagement with your content, and proper white space will help them engage with subsequent headings as they’re encountered in a given document.  


Bulleted Lists Condense Information, Facilitating Readability 

A bullet list is great for those who scan and can give them all the information they need–well, most of it anyway. The idea is to sort of provide an article outline or pertinent information in an easy-to-digest format.  


Adjust Formatting to Convert Scanners into Those Who Read 

Scanners will look for items of information that abbreviate content. When you format things correctly with evocative subheadings and bulleted lists which give part of the story, you compel scanners to engage with your content totally.  


Enhanced Content 

When your MSP company adjusts formatting to turn scanners into readers, properly incorporates bulleted lists, and learns how to best co-opt white space, it will make all content easier to read. When content is easier to read, increased conversions are more likely.  

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