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Uncategorized | March 1, 2019

3 IT Lead Generation Strategies to Help You Most Efficiently Score Leads

IT lead generation is absolutely fundamental to profitability over time. However, you shouldn’t aim the full force of marketing guns at leads just because you have them; not all leads are created equal.

Some will convert immediately, some never can because the lead captured doesn’t have direct buying power. If you waste a good pitch on them, it could sap your energy for a pitch more appropriately aimed at more relevant leads. Following are three tips to help you more effectively score leads:


  1. Know Target Demographics

IT lead generation will produce results across the demographic spectrum. Ideally, you want to focus on those which match your target demographics. Categorize leads conforming to their demographic alignment, and you’ll waste less time pursuing leads which won’t be converted.


  1. Get As Much Information About Prospects As Possible

Once you’ve categorized prospects based on demographic alignment, now you want to learn as much about those at the top of your list as you possibly can. Ask them, research them online, look around your market to see where these prospects have been previously, and even call up competitors or peers who have worked with them in the past. Go with what works.


  1. Behavior of Buyers, Their Interest, and Decay Over Time

As you research prospects, you’ll come to know how they behave, in what they’re interested, and your likelihood of converting them. Lead decay is when qualified leads don’t get back to you, or otherwise lose interest. There’s a shelf-life to leads; you want to get to them at the right time. Knowing interests and behavior helps you get ahead of lead decay.


Converting Well-Qualified Leads

In your IT lead generation, you must carefully consider buyer behavior, interests, and demographic alignment. This provides information to properly grade leads. Always seek new information and leverage that information into varying outreach strategies before lead decay sets in. Such tactics increase conversions.

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