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MSP Company | February 7, 2019

Your MSP Company Should Instill Its Values in Your Team

Your MSP company will be well-advised to specify values which define you and which you expect to be reflected in the conduct of your team. Following are ways to check whether values you seek to impart are being practiced by employees: 


The Right Employees Find Solutions, Not Reasons It Can’t Be Done 

Your MSP company should look for and encourage employees who have a “can do” attitude. With technology, you’re always going to come across impediments. The key to being stronger is how well you’re able to handle them. 

No roadblock should set you back continually. There are always solutions. If your employees don’t have this attitude, no values you try to instill will be reflected in their behavior. 

Seek “can do” people during interviews, and if you incidentally hire an “I can’t do it” person, find a place to put them where they can be productive without negatively impacting your team. That, or let them go and find someone else. 


The Right Managers Mingle with Employees to Learn “The Buzz” 

Sometimes, your values themselves may be a little off. In order to understand where employees are coming from, it’s important for those in management to constantly be among them. 

You shouldn’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and roll up your sleeves when it comes to coding or something similar. This is the only way to learn “the buzz” and determine how harmonious operations truly are. 


Proper Management Builds Real Connections 

If you build connections among your team, they’re more likely to reflect your business values voluntarily. Working among your team and learning “the buzz” can help here. Have long-term, true relationships inform your own values pertaining to those you lead. 


Aligned Values 

When your MSP company has managers building connections, understands the team “buzz”, and works with “can do” people, operational values are more likely to be established.   

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