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IT Marketing | January 30, 2019

IT Marketing Tips to Help Establish the Identity of Your Brand

In your IT marketing, you need to design content which is optimized in terms of readability and visibility on search engines. But something else all content must do is properly reflect who your company is as a brand. 

Brand identity is integral, and content is a great way to build it. Following are three questions whose answers will help you more effectively establish brand identity: 


1. Where Are You Going; What’s Your Vision? 

Are you going to be a new tech conglomerate making brilliant innovations core to forward progress? Will you fulfill a niche in your local market that will always need competent tech professionals? Do you work as a sort of cyber-sleuth, tracking down cybercriminal startups? 

Determine where you are, where you want to be, means of getting there, and how to incorporate this vision into your content. Ideally, your vision should be aligned with aspects of your target demographic. 


2. How Do You Present Yourself Professionally; What’s Your voice? 

Every MSP has a “voice”. If you don’t define what it is, then your “voice” will be metaphorically “uncertain”. In sales, a strong, assured, jovial, sociable voice is ideal and necessary. Your content must impart that one way or another. 

You can do it through informal prose or that which incorporates trendy jokes, memes, and parlance. What is professional for one MSP may not be professional for another, owing to voice. Your voice must also naturally be operating in alignment with your vision. 


3. What Sort of Values Predominate at Your MSP? 

Your IT marketing voice will also be defined by what values you’ve decided are important to your MSP. Different specializations naturally lead to different values among diverse MSPs.  


Solid Identity 

An IT marketing campaign informed by solid values, a matching voice, and a vision in agreement with most clients will expand the solidity of your brand’s identity. Continually producing content of this variety is recommendable to maintain your brand. 

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