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MSP Sales | January 22, 2019

Acquiring More MSP Sales Meetings

MSP sales require some sort of negotiation. Even a “lap sale”, as the expression goes, where a client contacts your business intent on buying requires some negotiation. You’ve got to determine what packages fit the client best.

You want as many meetings with clients as possible, and you want a team prepared for them. Following are tips to help you both acquire more sales meetings and be more successful when conducting them:


Design a Prospect Database 

Your MSP sales team needs to maximize all available data. Get all existing clients, leads, and prospects (that is: better than normal leads) organized using an effective database. Customer resource management (CRM) software can be ideal here. Certain SEO agencies specializing in MSP provisions can help you find the best solution.


Don’t Neglect Cold Calling, But Do Some Real Research Beforehand

Cold calling does have a statistical level of effectiveness, believe it or not. Sure, it’s only 2%; but if you do your research and only call demographic matches who will justify the cost of so many calls, you’ll likely net an appropriate conversion.


Don’t Forget Statistics, Drop Facts, and Hit Them with Names

Sales is a numbers game. A 2% conversion rate may seem small unless the value of one conversion is 100 times the cost to acquire it; in which case 2% is fine. If you know the numbers to your particular MSP’s operational costs and client conversions, you can simultaneously avoid discouragement and increase outreach effectiveness.

Other good tactics include brandishing a bevy of pertinent facts and negotiation through reputation. You inform prospects of top-tier endorsements from known “names” or especially remarkable testimonials from satisfied customers.


Conversion and Negotiation

MSP sales informed by numbers, fact-rich, replete with effective name-dropping, properly utilizing cold-call technique, and tracking all outreach in a database will be better enabled for reliable conversion. Such tactics can also be helpful in facilitating sales negotiation.

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