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MSP Sales | December 22, 2018

MSP Sales Strategies to Optimize Follow-Ups on the Phone

MSP sales professionals must keep themselves cutting-edge in terms of outreach strategies, but that doesn’t mean neglecting tried-and-true methods that work. Sometimes, a real conversation on a phone can be more effective than even the most personalized email–if that conversation is meaningful and properly conducted. These factors can help you optimize each telephone interaction you have when following up with clientele: 


Do Your Homework 

Your MSP sales team will have two areas of homework they can follow through on. On the one hand, if you’re upselling or cross-promoting among existing clients, you can use the client profile you’ve already built on them over time. If you haven’t built such a profile, do so. 

Secondly, if you’re converting a client for the first time, ask around and search them out digitally before contacting them. When you follow up with a lead, you want to bring your A-game, and that’s best facilitated when you arm yourself with available data. 


Strategically Call Prospects 

Don’t call a prospect on their lunch break, don’t follow up with them in the middle of the night on a weekday, and try to avoid bugging them at work. A good time to call might be late Saturday afternoon. Which time best suits prospects will depend on their personal proclivities. Again, do your homework.  


Ask, Explain, and Emphasize  

Ask questions when you do get a prospect on the line for a follow-up. Explain anything they take issue with and emphasize the true value you bring in opposition to what they may lose by avoiding your products or services. Don’t be obnoxious, but do be properly persistent and persuasive. There’s a balance here. 


Increasing Phone Follow-Up Conversions 

MSP sales teams that ask the right questions, explain away areas where prospects aren’t sure, emphasize value, call at strategic times, and conduct all such outreach through an informed approach are positioned to expand rates of conversion. Consider these and other tips to increase the success of follow-up outreach.  

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