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MSP Services | December 5, 2018

Managed Services Marketing Review Strategies

Your managed services marketing profile will require protocols pertaining to reviews. You’ll want to respond the right way in order to counter-balance bad reviews, encourage good ones, and acquire more reviews as necessary. The three primary perspectives you’ll need to design response protocols for in this regard include:

1. Little or No Reviews

Your managed services marketing will encounter times when few reviews manifest. If you’re a newer operation, sometimes you’ll have to start from scratch. It’s actually going to be worse, for most people, to have no reviews.

Negative reviews are impacting, but at least they show you’re providing service. If you’ve got no reviews, contact satisfied clientele with a pre-written review from their perspective and ask if they would mind you posting it on their behalf. Additionally, provide incentives for clients who give you reviews. Remember, bad reviews are better than no reviews.


2. Negative Reviews

Did you know that just three negative reviews can cost you 59% of potential sales? When you do get negative reviews, you want to jump on top of them.

Thank the negative reviewer for taking time to impart their opinion. Offer solutions. Be real. If there’s an actual issue, acknowledge it (as well as steps that will be taken to fix it), be consistent, be positive, and never lose your cool.


3. Positive Reviews

When you’ve got positive reviews, likewise be thankful. Perhaps offer some initial positive reviewers incentives and ensure that you post those reviews wherever you can.

Additionally, remember your positive reviewers and ensure you keep them happy. Such clients are more likely to buy additional services from you in the future. Proper management at this stage can make a real advocate of them.


Reviewing Your Review Strategy

You should carefully examine your existing managed services marketing strategies pertaining to review. Encourage reviews if you don’t have them, respond rightly when negative reviews hit, and properly encourage those reviews which are positive, posting them across the web. Such review management strategies invite new clientele.

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