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IT Marketing | December 20, 2018

IT Marketing Tips to Help You Avoid Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Managing IT marketing with an SEO provider which specializes in MSPs can help you avoid common content marketing mistakes in outreach. Following are three tips that will help you overcome content marketing errors:

Establish Consistent Schedule 

IT marketing of the SEO variety benefits from regularity. Ideally, you want to produce at least 16 separate articles or blog posts a month. Each of these needs to be optimized for search engines, but don’t overdo it–more on that in a moment.

Ideally, each piece of content will be produced and circulated at strategic times during the day for maximum visibility. SEO organizations which serve MSPs can help you strike the proper balance here.


Readers Read, Not Search Engines

If you only put keywords in your writing and refrain from infusing useful content into your posts, then you’re not going to reach anyone. You’ve got to have readable content which addresses the needs of your clientele. Look for what they’re reading and consider competitors. Find ways of connecting and resonating with your audience.


Track the Right Metrics and Have a Goal

It doesn’t matter how good you are at keeping statistics on content if you’re not measuring the right trends. There are numerous statistics out there, and it’s integral that you find the ones which most accurately inform outreach. You should have a goal in mind.

It could be an increase in actionable leads, an increase in conversions, or an expansion of your influence from your own blog to guest blogs you’ve been monitoring. Establish the right goals, then work toward them with content design and distribution.


More Effective Marketing

There are always ways to optimize your IT marketing strategy. Consider where you are presently and which tactics will help your MSP.

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