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IT Marketing | December 8, 2018

IT Marketing Spread Requires Balance

IT marketing spread can be too little or too much. It’s almost as bad to oversaturate as it is to undersaturate. The only saving grace of too much outreach is that you increase your footprint, expanding clientele awareness. However, this puts you in danger of being spread too thin. Following are a few signs to help you know which way to go in terms of your present spread:

Unclear or Invisible End Goals

Your IT marketing needs to have specificity. If you’re just firing marketing bullets into the economic ether, you might incidentally hit something, but you’re going to waste a lot of outreach ammunition. Know what you’re aiming for, and keep shooting until you hit your targets. Granted, you want end goals that are realistic. You’ll be able to better assess such qualities as you progress forward. Additionally, working with an established SEO agency which has an emphasis on MSPs can help save you a lot of trouble here.


Sales and Marketing Conflict

Sometimes, sales are telling prospect something which conflicts with the marketing message they received. You don’t want any conflict. This makes your company look unreliable, and it’s a great way to have multiple fruitless arguments with customers. Ensure sales and marketing are always operating in alignment with one another.


Affordable Present-Tense Losses

Marketing is like athletic ability. If you quit working out, there go your muscles. When it comes to outreach, if you’re strong enough to afford losses to competition, you’re in decline. As marketing is successful, you’ve got to upgrade outreach accordingly. Your business is metaphysically speaking an obligate ram ventilator. Great white sharks are in reality–if they don’t swim, they can’t breathe, and they die. If you don’t continue to increase your profitability over time, your business will stagnate and ultimately implode.


Optimized Outreach

An IT marketing strategy that expands marketing spread with growth, aligns sales and marketing departments, and establishes clear goals is more likely to be sustainable in the long term.

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