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IT lead generation | December 21, 2018

IT Lead Generation Techniques That Help Boost Conversion on Landing Pages

IT lead generation is fundamental to your MSP. Your on-site profile is going to be one of the most important parts of facilitating that. Following are provisos to help you most effectively optimize landing pages: 


Ensure Landing Pages Load Swiftly 

IT lead generation will be more effective with pages that don’t take too long to load. Even seconds can stoke the ire of visitors. As a tech company, it’s doubly important your site load as swiftly as possible. 

Cut down on graphics, videos, animations, or advertisement which reduce how fast your landing pages load. Ensure they’re optimized for all web-enabled platforms. Double check to make sure they’re compatible with all browsers, too.  


Reformat Informed by Metrics: Change Headlines, Colors, Etc. 

Statistics reveal surprising trends about webpage attractiveness. Switching a headline for an incidentally more informative subheadline could stimulate traffic–depending on either headline. Color transition may additionally influence your site’s effectiveness. 

To determine which metrics of this kind should be pursued and which are most relevant to your operation, it can be helpful to contact an SEO agency. 


Make Content Value-Rich and Informative and Let Digital Forms Be Simple 

Whenever you have video, pictorial, infographic, or written content, it must be full of value your demographic resonates with. It’s absolutely integral you prove informative. Additionally, you want digital forms to be simple. Nobody likes some long form that asks for information not even relevant until after a conversion has taken place. Make your online forms as simple as it is possible for you to make them.    


Landing Pages with Heightened Lead Generation 

IT lead generation will likely increase when landing pages have swift load times, are intuitive, and are cross-platform–especially in the mobile sense. Using metrics to inform aesthetic changes also helps. Finally, ensure content is informed and full of value and forms remain simple. Such measures should help your landing pages produce more leads.    

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