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IT Leads | December 15, 2018

IT Lead Generation Questions Worth Asking to Determine Effectiveness

IT lead generation needs to carefully consider metrics pertaining to effectiveness. If you’re exercising a tactic that isn’t producing results, you’re wasting necessary resources. 

Following are several questions you can ask to help you determine whether your lead generation solutions are up to par with operational needs: 


How Effective is Content? 

IT lead generation won’t happen with bad content. Content does work to generate leads if it’s properly managed. If you’re having trouble, you might want to work with SEO agencies who specialize in lead generation solutions. Length of content, structure, word choice, keywords, pictures, video, meta tags, and more all play statistically measurable roles in success. Know success indicators and follow them closely to optimize along such categories for greatest effectiveness.  


Are Lead Scoring Protocols Accurate? 

You’ve got to score leads or you’ll waste your time. But just devising a score isn’t enough. If the means by which you score doesn’t accurately represent the reality, you’re spinning your wheels unnecessarily. Leads that score high should have appropriately high rates of conversion. If there is too great a disparity, it’s worthwhile to re-examine scoring protocols. There may be some hidden factor that is missing and can be identified.  


What Do Successful Conversion Metrics Look Like? 

Do you get a conversion per day or once a month? The size, scope, and provisions of your MSP will differ. You need to know where your profitable baseline is, ensure you’re always hitting that, and introduce outreach methods that induce an increase in such numbers going forward. If you don’t know what proper conversion metrics are, you won’t know where to improve outreach technique. 


Answering the Tough Questions 

IT lead generation is more profitable should content be effective, scoring accurate, and metrics properly illustrative. These are three of many techniques worth considering as you look into ways your outreach protocols may be optimized. Working with agencies specializing in MSP support can also be a considerable tactic. 

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