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MSP Sales | December 5, 2018

For MSP Sales to Be ‘Pitch Perfect’, You Need to Know When It’s Appropriate to Pitch

MSP sales pitches should not be foisted on every potential customer who walks through your MSP’s doors. The sales pitch should be well considered and presented with information attuned to your target. 

Pitching to everybody is firing shotgun rounds in the dark. You might hit something, but you’ll probably just waste ammunition. Following, tips will be explored to help you determine the best time to pitch:  


Learn to Know Where Prospects Are First  

MSP sales aren’t precognitive. In order to know where clients are coming from, you must collect data on them. This takes time, you’ll need to ask questions. Sometimes prospects are more qualified, sometimes they’re less qualified–something you will find out by getting to know them. 


Lead Qualification Maximizes Outreach Effectiveness 

As you get to know prospects, certain features of their present circumstances will doubtless jump out at you. Some of these will be things that exclude you from being a viable option. Sometimes, lead qualification reveals an ideal prospect just waiting to be wooed by your technology. Establish lead qualification measures utilizing the best data you have available, as well as that provided through SEO agencies specializing in MSP outreach solutions. 


Sometimes Pain Points Develop Independent of Need 

A prospect can have tech pain points that don’t qualify them for your services. There are no monochrome lead features which automatically pre-qualify them for a legitimate pitch. Sometimes, prospects just need help with something and came to you incidentally. If you can help them at that point, they may come to you later for a sale. But if you pitch them, they’ll think you’re less human and only profit-oriented. Such qualities discourage conversion. 


Pitching at the Right Time 

An MSP sales strategy that prequalifies leads will take a conscientious approach. Such an approach is more likely to initiate conversion than unilaterally pitching to anyone that interfaces with your operation. 

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