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IT Marketing | December 4, 2018

Designing an IT Marketing Campaign That Meets Clientele at Every Stage of the Sales Cycle

It’s useful for those in IT marketing to design content around the sales cycle. There are many groups that specialize in both SEO and providing such solutions for MSPs. They can be instrumental in helping you design content for each stage. The six stages are: 


1. Awareness 

Your IT marketing team must first facilitate awareness in clientele through content of the advertisement variety. Social media and articles help here, as do basic advertisement strategies like targeted content. 


2. Engagement 

Once you’ve made clientele aware of your operation, it’s time to engage them. Calls-To-Action (CTAs) in content can help. Additionally, putting a “contact wall” to content that’s reliable can be ideal. Basically, a prospect has to put in their contact information to read a given article or something similar, allowing you to reach out later. 


3. Evaluation 

Testimonials, metrics, pain points, and expository white papers are useful here. These help your prospects evaluate your MSP to determine if it’s a right fit for them. It’s absolutely integral that you design this content around your target demographic, so it’s most relevant to them.  


4. Purchase 

Many think this is the final stage of the cycle, but it isn’t. People have “buyer’s remorse”, especially if there’s some component of your provisions they misunderstood. Purchase is integral, but maintaining purchase can be a challenge. 


5. Post-Purchase 

Once a client has made a purchase, you’ve got to provide them good customer service and regularly check in on them to ensure things are humming along as clients expect. Ideally, you’ll exceed their expectations. 


6. Advocacy  

Clients who have made a purchase and found that purchase exceeds their expectations in a positive way will become advocates of your company, delivering positive reviews and testimonials which help you acquire more clients. 


Designing Content Across the Sales Cycle 

An IT marketing team that takes into account each stage of the sales cycle and designs content accordingly will likely retain existing satisfied clients and additionally acquire new customers who will become long-term advocates.  

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