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MSP Company | December 27, 2018

3 Tips for Your MSP Company to Build Trust Between Employees and Management

Your MSP company will have better operations if employees and management have mutual trust. There will always be outliers throughout your years of operation, but what is to be sought might be called a general homeostasis of operations. When all things are normal, everyone trusts everyone else, and you work together as a cohesive team. Following are three steps to help you start thinking about ways to bring such outcomes about: 


1. Transparent Management  

Your MSP company shouldn’t hide things from employees–at least: you shouldn’t hide anything it’s feasible to reveal. The truth is, most of what you do is perfectly fine for employees to know. For the most part, it’ll strengthen operations if your team knows what you’re up to. Manage as transparently as possible.  


2. Regular Meetings 

Meet with employees on a regular basis. If you can do so weekly, that’s wise. If you can’t, try to do it at least twice a month or maybe on a monthly basis. This helps you check in with those in varying echelons of your operation, determine if there are issues which need to be addressed, and check up on varying projects. 

Additionally, it puts management and those they manage in a room together where discussions can happen. This builds trust as it keeps those who lead from doing so in a faceless way that employees can’t access.  


3. Recognition  

When employees do something good, you need to recognize it. You need to let them know what they’ve done is to be commended. Ideally, you should recognize them before the rest of the team, unless they’ve done something good that can’t be recognized in this way.  


Priming Your MSP for Success 

An MSP company that recognizes it when an employee does a good job, regularly meets with staff, and manages transparently is likely to foster trust between employees and management. Consider where you can be more transparent, where more recognition should be given, and when you can plan a recurring meeting. 

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