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MSP Marketing | November 12, 2018

Tips to Help Your MSP Company Maximize Feedback

Ask and Receive 

Your MSP company won’t get necessary feedback if you don’t ask for it. Additionally, you must optimize your feedback requests so you’re able to get the most actionable information from them. Following are several ways to do that:

Be Transparently Communicative

You MSP company needs to apprise personnel as to the purpose of feedback. You want to be transparent. Tell them why you’re doing what you are doing, what will result from it, how analysis will transpire, etc. Allow for anonymous feedback provision; sometimes workers will be afraid to criticize, and you want to avoid that however possible.

Don’t Pick Cherries or Be Paralyzed by Data

If you know how your team will answer a question, what’s the point of putting it on a survey? If you know you’re doing something right, don’t go cherry-picking. Only ask questions for which you have no answers–unless, of course, you’re confirming something for some specific reason.

Also, when you do get new information, don’t get paralyzed in its analysis. Analysis paralysis is real, and it will keep you from getting things done. You’ve got to know when to throw something on the “back burner”, as it were, and return to it later.

Get Your Team Involved and Actually Change Things

Ensure your team is involved in the survey process. They may be attuned to things you have no occasion to think about. If you get them involved, they may save you time and money, fixing something you didn’t realize was a prescient issue.

Also, ensure you change operations based on findings of feedback inquiry, and employees can see this change. This empowers everybody.

Better Operations Through Informed Enhancement

An MSP company that knows there is room for improvement and continuously seeks to improve itself will do so. Get your team involved, ask relevant questions, know when to move on, and be transparently communicative. These things can be essential in helping you optimize.

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