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MSP Business | November 28, 2018

The Turnaround: When Your MSP Business Fails, Turn it into Success

You’ve likely heard that saying before. Your MSP business would do well to adopt this attitude in reference to regular operations. You’ll make mistakes, but these can be opportunities to endear yourself to clientele. 

Here are steps to turn things around: 



Your MSP business must first offer sufficient apology. Expect clients to be slightly unfair with you here. Adopt a penitent attitude which takes all abuse head-on, even pretending such abuse is warranted. 

Your clients are human and they’re going to feel bad about their reaction to your mistake eventually, especially if you’re perfectly penitent about it. From there, follow the next steps. 


Showing What Happened 

Once you’ve apologized, communicate what happened, why, how you’re going to keep this from happening in the future, what clients need to do at the present moment, and what the next steps are to get things back on track.  


Assure Clients of Safety, Give Them Something 

Once you’ve apologized and demonstrated what happened, now you want to assure clients that present operations will be safe and that they’ll get something for your mistake. 

If you go to a restaurant, order a dish, and they mess it up, you can get that dish free. Maybe you can give clients a free month’s service or a free equipment upgrade, evaluation, consultation, etc. 

Don’t put a cap on it. The goal is to keep clients with you and make fewer mistakes. If it really costs you, you’ll be more careful not to make mistakes in the future. So, make the client happy here.  


Turning Mistakes into Victory 

When your MSP business apologizes for mistakes, shows what the issue was, assures clients the issue’s done and won’t happen again (if that’s applicable) and gives them something for their trouble, you’re likely to keep them around. You’re even likely to see clients become more satisfied, as they know that even in a rough situation, your MSP can be trusted. 

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